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Truckers help kids get back to school

Truckers help kids get back to school? How do they do that, by dropping them off at the front door? Of course not, well maybe the odd kid, but for the most part you won’t see bobtail rigs driving up to the front door of your public school. Trucking is in the background of every industry and is supporting the kids in the same way. If we were to drop off one kid we would be noticed by everyone and only be helping one child, the one that was dropped off. In trucking we operate in the background and help millions of kids and no one see us.

Truck on highway

If you’re a driver depending on your company’s freight focus you may find you’re extremely busy this time of year hauling into big box stores. You may not even realize that you are helping kids get back to school. You may be just doing your job as you normally do. You may be hauling paper from Northern Massachusetts, brand new pencils from the factory in New Jersey, or backpacks from Northern California. For truck drivers it is just part of their normal work week bringing supplies from factories to store shelves as they do each and every day. This is all done behind the scenes and the general public just knows that the store shelves remain stocked. In fact this process possibly may have happened over time and has been going on since the Spring.

How does it work? Stores know that August is a time when back to school supplies will be in high demand. They place orders for the supplies months before with the manufacturers. That is when the trucking community gets involved in getting these kids back to school. Products are trucked across North America to distribution centres, stores, and supply centres. The public then goes to the stores and purchases the products required. It is one seamless process that happens every year with most products.

So take a moment when you are out buying back to school supplies and think about who is really behind making sure those store shelves are full of your favourite items. When your child wants that backpack with his favourite superhero on it or your teenager require highlighters in every colour realize that it got to the store shelves some how, by truck.

When your child is heading back to school take a look at what they have, do a little inventory of what you bought from the store. You will find most of it was moved by truck. There are probably few items that weren’t brought by truck drivers, lunch! That was made by Mom.

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Bruce Outridge has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. He is an author of the books Driven to Drive and Running By The Mile, consultant, podcast host, and speaker. TTSAO also known as the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario has certified member schools in the truck training vocation ensuring quality entry level drivers enter the transportation industry. To learn more about the TTSAO or to find a certified school in your area visit

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