Helen Thorpe

Helen Thorpe on Panel for Females in Trucking at TTSAO Conference

Helen Thorpe will be one of the panel guests of the Females in Trucking Industry Panel at the 5th Annual TTSAO Conference talking about her experiences in the industry. Thorpe is the Safety, Training, and Compliance Coordinator with CAT Inc.

Helen Thorpe

Presenter Profile

Helen Thorpe came to transportation as a second career with the intent of developing her skills both on and off the road.  She has driven a variety of equipment for regional, long-haul and city fleets and was an on-road trainer before transitioning to a dispatch position, and eventually to Safety & Compliance.  After 3 years as the National Corporate Trainer, conducting road tests, developing and delivering in-house orientation and training programs for drivers, office staff and fleet maintenance; Helen has returned to an active safety role. She is the Safety, Training and Compliance Coordinator for Ontario with CAT Inc.


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