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PayBright Sponsors Instructor of the Year Award for 2019

The TTSAO started an award program for the Instructor of the Year at the 2019 Conference and is continuing it again at their 5th Annual Conference in 2020. The Recipient of the Award in 2019 was Joe Teixiera a 30 year veteran of the industry employed with Rosedale Transport.


Read more about Joe receiving the award here.

PayBright will be sponsoring the award again this year so start thinking about who on your team will be a good fit for the award. Criteria will be coming out soon about the award and thank you to PayBright for sponsoring the award again for the 5th Annual Conference.

TTSAO 2019 Sponsors
PayBright-Instructor of the Year Award Sponsor

Learn more about the Conference here!

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Celebrate All Transportation Professionals

In Canada it is currently “Driver Appreciation Week” which is a week where we celebrate truck drivers for the work that they do in getting products on our shelves or materials into the hands of builders. Canada celebrates the first week of September and the United States celebrates the second week of September. We call the weeks ”Driver Appreciation Week” but really we are celebrating everyone in the transportation industry especially those on the front lines.

With that being said I personally feel that we should have a week for each area of transportation. That may also help in showing the public all the areas of transportation and the people behind the scenes. Should we have National Dispatchers Week, National Instructors Week, Load Planning Week, and other areas usually behind the scenes. A trucking company is a small team of dedicated professionals that have to work together to get a load down the road. If the load planners hadn’t arranged the load, then dispatch would not be able to do their job. Without dispatch truck drivers would not have anything to haul. We are all connected.

What about other people in the industry? We are starting to see changes and awards for other professionals in the trucking industry such as instructors, recruiters, and more. The last award winner from the Truck Training School Association of Ontario for Instructor of the Year was Joe Teixeira from Rosedale Transport. Teixeira has been in transportation for over 30 years and is truly dedicated to the transportation industry. He takes training and safety seriously and has been helping in keeping drivers fully trained and safe for many years. Without people like Teixiera and his dedication to safety we may not be celebrating drivers.

Joe Teixeira – Instructor of the Year 2018

Should we rename the week? As a former driver I am in no way minimizing the job that the men and women driving have to do everyday. It is a hard and demanding job that requires a level of dedication that much of the general public doesn’t understand. If you asked all of those drivers you will find that there was someone who may or may not have been a driver that has been instrumental in helping shape their career. For myself it has been another driver that taught me to drive in the 80’s, a dispatcher that stood up for her drivers, a terminal manager that made me feel like family, and a company owner that invested in the those that took care of their equipment. They have all played an important part of my life and I still remember the many lessons they taught me.

Thank you to the drivers that go up and down the road each day, but even more thank you to all of you that are in the transportation industry and keep our economy moving. We salute you!

Nominate An Instructor on Your Team
at the 5th Annual TTSAO Conference

Instructor of the Year Award Sponsor

About the Author

Bruce Outridge has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. He is the author of the books Driven to Drive, Running By The Mile, and host of The Lead Pedal Podcast. TTSAO also known as the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario has certified member schools in the truck training vocation ensuring quality entry level drivers enter the transportation industry. To learn more about the TTSAO or to find a certified school in your area visit

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Joe Teixeira Awarded Instructor of the year 2019

iThe new award of the year titled the “Instructor of the Year Award” was presented to Joe Texeira from Rosedale Transport. Joe has been with Rosedale for 32 years and was so emotional he almost couldn’t speak as he accepted this well deserved award. Joe is a top notch instructor in the industry and it will be hard to follow him for future award winners. The Instructor of the Year Award was presented by TTSAO and Paybright.

Congratulations Joe Teixiera of Rosedale Transport

Check out the criteria for the award and register your instructor for next year

You can learn more about the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario at

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