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PMTC Announces YLG Trail Membership Offer

For Immediate Release

PMTC Announces YLG Trail Membership Offer

Milton, On: Today the PMTC is announcing a special offer to the young leaders, or future young leaders of the Transportation Industry. “The PMTC believes the Youth are the Future of our Industry, and an age group that we as an industry must do a better job of engaging.” Stated PMTC President Mike Millian.


“At the conclusion of our Annual Conference in June, the interest from young people outside of our current membership to get involved was very strong. The YLG Leadership group came to our Board and asked for this special trial membership to reduce the barrier to an introduction to the YLG. Our Board fully supported this at a recent Board meeting, and as such we are now announcing this special offer to the public.”

Membership in the PMTC Young Leaders Group is a bargain at only $110.00 per year. For this fee you will receive many benefits, including an invitation to PMTC Board Meeting and YLG Board Meetings. You will receive member only pricing for Educational Seminars, Networking events, YLG Events, and the soon to be announced YLG “Driven to Lead” Educational Program. You will be on our email distribution list to be notified of any and all upcoming educational and networking events.

Normally to be eligible to become a PMTC YLG Member, your parent company would be required to be a PMTC Principle or Associate Member. To encourage more Youth to become active in our Industry and our Association, we are waiving this requirement for a 1-year term. If you are 40 or under, and involved in the transportation Industry, you are eligible for a 1-year YLG Trial Membership, with out the requirement of your parent company being a member. Once the one-year term is up, your company would then be required to become a PMTC member for you to remain a YLG Member. This gives you one year to become involved, see the value of the PMTC YLG, and the PMTC, before your company having to commit to becoming a full PMTC member.

Contact Vanessa at the PMTC office for more details at, or by calling 905-827-0587. We believe you will see the value in joining our Young Leaders Group and taking advantage of this offer.



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TTSAO Appoints Additional Directors

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is pleased to announce the appointment of three additional Board of Directors to the current roster.

Mike Millian– President, Private Motor Truck Council (PMTC)
Charlie Charalambous – Director of Client Services, Making Eligibility Easy (MEE)
Ed Popkie – President, 5th Wheel Training Institute

These individuals were appointed by the new Board of Directors, ttsao logowhom officially took their seats July 1st 2017. With the appointment of these industry veterans and leaders the TTSAO will continue to strive for excellence as they move forward as an association.

The next TTSAO general meeting will be held on September 12, 2017 at the ISB Canada – Making Eligibility Easy offices in Milton Ontario. The agenda includes a TTSAO carrier group meeting from 8:30-9:30am (carriers only) followed by a General Meeting from 10am-12pm.

For more information, contact:
Charlie Charalambous – Director of Public Relations, TTSAO –

Kim Richardson – President, TTSAO – KRTS office – 1-800-771-8171 x 201 or cell – 905-512-0254 or by email at



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Dispatcher, Haili Kimball tragically lost her Uncle Rich.

He drowned while trying help one of his exchange students who couldn’t swim at Bon Echo. Rich and Lori are loving parents of 5 children ranging from the ages of 16 to 20. So as one can only imagine the emotional toll this has taken on their family but also the financial one as well. Rich’s body has still not been recovered so they have not been able to issue a death certificate, causing his accounts to be frozen along with 3 of the oldest children’s OSAP loans.

Please see below is a link for a go fund me campaign if anyone would like to donate to help a great family through very troubling time.

Thanks in Advance

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TTSAO 2017 Election Results – June 14, 2017 – Hamilton, ON

For Immediate Release
The TTSAO Elections were held on June 01, 2017 at Marsh Canada Limited (120 Bremner Blvd., Toronto, ON) at 9:00am. Thank you to all members who stood for this year’s election – the interest shown for being on the TTSAO Board of Directors has never been greater. The 2017-2019 TTSAO Board of Directors takes effect on July 01,

Congratulations to the following candidates who will serve the 2017-2019 term:

President: Kim Richardson, Kim Richardson Transportation Specialist Inc.
Vice President: Yvette Lagrois, Ontario Truck Training Academy
Secretary: Jack Lochand, Alpine Truck Driver Training
Treasurer: Philip Fletcher, Commercial Heavy Equipment Training

Directors: Kenneth Adams, Crossroads Training Academy (Ottawa/Smiths Falls) Sean Essner, Modern Training Ontario
Jacquie Labute, Northstar Truck Driving School
Brian Pattison, Northern Academy of Transportation Training
Many thanks to the current TTSAO Board of Directors who have helped build the association to where it is today. Their hard work and dedication over the past few years have strengthened the TTSAO and their expertise was fundamental for the growth of the association.

Chairman of the Board, Kim Richardson, KRTS Transportation
June 2015-Apr. 30 2017
President: Yvette Lagrois, Ontario Truck Training Academy
Vice President: Robert Barclay, Crossroads Training Academy (Kingston/Belleville) Secretary: Jay Pootha, Jays Professional Truck Training Centre
Treasurer: Jim Campbell, Ontario Truck Driving School
Directors: Charlie Charalambous, ISB Canada – Director of Communication & Public Relations
Mike Millian, President of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada Geoff Topping, Challenger – Chairman of the TTSAO Carrier Group Rick Geller, Marsh Canada Limited
Dwight Nelson, Commercial Heavy Equipment Training
Kevin Pattison, Northern Academy of Transportation Training
Ed Popkie, 5th Wheel Training Institute

For more information, contact:

Kim Richardson – President, TTSAO – KRTS office – 1-800-771-8171 x 201 or cell – 905-512-0254 or by email at

Charlie Charalambous – Director of Public Relations,


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Gordon Foods Hosts March 2017 TTSAO Meeting

A big thank you to Gordon Foods Services for hosting the March 2017 TTSAO meeting. Attendees were shown an excellent time with gfs-logoa tour of the facility, food, refreshments, and  raffle prizes.

In addition the company also announced a special offer for Full Membered Schools in the TTSAO family. Look for more information in your minutes to follow.  Here are some pictures from the event.

Thank you Gordon Foods Services for a great meeting.  You can learn more about Gordon Foods Services at

About the TTSAO

The TTSAO envisions that through the co-operation and joint efforts of all schools involved and the industry itself, specific standards and educational programs can be set for drivers that will not only prove more realistic but much more effective than those currently being put into place by various government agencies.

“Striving For Success In Training”

For more information on the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario please email or call 1-866-475-9436

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Zavcor Training Academy joins the TTSAO as a full member school.

The latest full member to join the Truck Training Schools Association Zavcor logoof Ontario is Zavcor Training Academy.  To learn more about the company please visit their website at

Welcome Zavcor Training Academy to the TTSAO family.

Zavcor Training Academy
Contact: Sarah Dekker
Address: 3650 Eagle Street
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0
Phone: 289 321 1063 Toll Free: 1-800-668-7666
Fax: 905 382 6666

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“Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It” seminar on Wednesday January 25, 2017

Driver Check for their “Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It” seminar on Wednesday January 25, 2017. It will be an open-platform discussion that will feature industry experts presenting about the challenges of cannabis in the workplace. Presentation topics will include workplace drug policies, the effects of marijuana on one’s duty to perform safety sensitive roles and the legal dos and don’ts for when implementing testing programs.

Please see the attached flyer for all the details!

Marijuana Unwrapped – Don’t Just Roll With It – TTSAO print out
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The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada has announced regional seminar-Thursday January 26th in Guelph, On.

For Immediate Release

Milton, On: The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada has announced it’s next regional seminar in it’s ongoing series of Cross Country Educational half day conferences. The next seminar will be held on Thursday January 26th in Guelph, On.

The seminar will run from 8:30am to 11:30am and will cover two topics, which will bring value to employees and employers from many different sectors of the Transportation industry. One of the advantages of being a member of the PMTC is that the PMTC actively seeks opportunities to provide its Members with access to leaders in the trucking industry who provide practical solutions which can be implemented into everyday policies and procedures.

The Topics being covered are 3rd party Contracts and Mandatory Entry Level Training

3rd party contracts between shippers and carriers

Private fleets are in a unique situation when compared to for hire carriers, or shippers of products. While Private Fleets main purpose is to deliver the product or service of it’s parent company to it’s customers, in almost all cases, in addition to utilizing their own Private Fleet, some of the company’s products will also be handled by for hire or dedicated contract carriers. This being the case, the parent company that the Private Carrier belongs to, must ensure it has proper 3rd party contracts in place to protect its products and customers. More and more, Private Fleets are also using backhauls to subsidize their private fleet operations. In this case, the fleet becomes a for hire operator for a period, and as such, they must ensure that any 3rd party contract that they sign does not put them in a legal black hole should a claim occur.
In this seminar, Richard Lande and Heather Devine, two of this country’s most prominent Transportation lawyers, will take attendees through what needs to be in a contract to protect their interests.
“Many companies do not have comprehensive contracts in place with 3rd party trucking companies”, explains Richard Lande. “Many shippers mistakenly believe a carrier may shy away from such a document, when in fact many best in class carriers will have their own contract to recommend to their core customers”
Richard and Heather’s presentation will review a standard contract and explain the “must have” clauses, as well as the non-essential clauses which are non-the less beneficial. They will also discuss additional elements that must be found in specific contracts for hauling such products as TDG, pharmaceuticals and food products.
Lastly, now that you know what should go in a contract between a shipper and carrier, the duo will take you through the steps on how to effectively implement the contracts.
Mandatory Entry Level Training

As of July 1st, 2017, no one will be able to challenge a full class A road test in the Province of Ontario without first completing and passing a mandatory entry level training program that has been approved by the Province, and provided by a Training Facility that has also been approved by the Province. What will this mean for the transportation industry? How will the supply of drivers be affected? In this seminar, Kim Richardson, the Chairman of the TTSAO, and the President of KRTS, will take attendee’s through the Mandatory Entry Level Training Program in the Province of Ontario, where we were, our current state, and what it will mean going forward.
Register now
Space is limited, so people are encouraged to register early by contacting Vanessa Cox at Registration is just $25 for a PMTC member, and $100.00 for a non member. Sponsors are also being welcomed, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Vanessa for details. Location details will be provided upon registration.
About our presenters

Richard Lande
Richard Lande, Senior Partner for the Private legal practice of Lande and Langford, has specialized in Transportation Law for over 40 years, and has offices in Ontario and Quebec. Richard’s recent focus has been assisting companies with their driver and shipper contracts, helping deal with issues pertaining to freight brokers, as well as contesting Highway Traffic Act violations. Richard is a current elected Governor of the Quebec Bar Foundation. Richard has authored eight law books over his years in the law practice. He graduated from McGill University, University of Montreal and Bath University (UK) with a PhD in Transportation Management. He was the first Canadian to win the Railway Medal, given by the Chartered Institute of Transport. He has also been a transportation Fellow at Oxford University, as well as a visiting Fellow at the Bureau of Transport Economics in Australia.  His legal practice encompasses manufacturers, as well as carriers in Canada and the United States.

During his career, he has formed over 20 purchasing groups and among them, one represents some of the manufacturers of the finished vehicles in Canada, such as BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and Subaru. Richard has organized a transportation conference in Toronto for the past 30 years (

Richard has been the President of National Transportation Week, as well as the Canadian Division of the Chartered Institute of Transport.

Heather Devine
During her fifteen years of practice, with appearances in all levels of Provincial and Federal Courts, in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta, Heather, of Isaacs and Co, frequently embraces complex, challenging matters where victory is not obvious.

Heather develops and implements the strategy, budgeting and case management of complex litigation for private, public, national and international clients.
Recently Heather has expanded her focus to assist clients with contracts and agreements to minimize their risk. She ‘Canadianized’ the TIA shipper-broker, broker-carrier agreements as part of her work on the Transportation Intermediaries Association Contract Committee. She has experience advising clients how to risk manage the movement of bulk commodities, foodstuffs, perishables and hazardous materials.
Kim Richardson
Kim Richardson has been in the transportation industry for 34 years. Currently he is the President of KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. a multiple award winning family owned and operated business. Under the KRTS group of Businesses is Transrep Inc. and The Rear-View Mirror. Kim is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Truck Training Association of Ontario (TTSAO), Board of Director of the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI). He is the past Chairman of the Board for the Allied Trade Division of the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) and a Board of Director with the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) representing the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario(TTSAO). Kim is a proud husband, dad, grandpa and loves his community, Caledonia, Ontario.

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DriverCheck Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

On September 14th DriverCheck will be holding their 20th Anniversary party and is inviting all those that would like to attend. Information on the event is listed below.

driver check ad

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Toronto Truck Driving School Becomes Member of TTSAO

Please welcome Toronto Truck Driving School to the list of accredited schools with TTSAO. They can be contacted through the information below.

Toronto Truck Driving School
Contact: Supinder Wraich
Phone: 416 675.7500 Fax. 416-674-7908
Address: 225 Claireport Crescent, Toronto ON M9W 6P7

Toronto Truck Driving School

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