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Executive Officers

TTSAO Executive 2017/2019
(Executive officers stand for a 2 year term)

Board Members:

Chairman of the Board: Kim Richardson
Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc. (KRTS)

Vice President: Yvette Lagrois
Ontario Truck Training Academy

Secretary: Jack Lochand
Alpine Truck Driver Training

Treasurer: Philip Fletcher
Commercial Heavy Equipment Training


  • Kenneth Adams-Crossroads Training Academy (Ottawa, Smith Falls)
  • Sean Essner-Modern Training Ontario
  • Jacquie Labute-Northstar Truck Driving School
  • Brian Pattison-Northern Academy of Transportation Training
  • Mike Millian-Private Motor Truck Council (PMTC)
  • Charlie Charalambous-Making Eligibility Easy (MEE)
  • Ed Popkie-5th wheel Training Institute
  • Lisa Areseneau-Staebler Insurance

Thanks you to all for your hard work in making the TTSAO the association it is today.

Striving for Success in Training

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