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Are you a fuel-efficient driving champion?

Fuel efficiency is important to any size fleet. Train your drivers to be fuel champions.

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking now offers:

• Free online training
for fleet drivers and
• Classroom-based
instruction at a driving
school near you
• An On-Road Practicum
to test and perfect
your skills
• A Certificate of Achievement
to confirm that you are a
fuel‑efficiency champion

About SmartDriver

To learn more, visit the Natural Resources Canada FleetSmart website at: www.FleetSmart.NRCan.gc.ca

SDHT 07-Poster_2018-01-10

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Is there a sweet spot for saving fuel?

Did you know you’ll get the best fuel efficiency by operating in your engine’s “sweet spot” – generally in the 1200 to 1400 RPM range for
recent model heavy-duty trucks?

To learn more, visit the Natural Resources Canada FleetSmart website at: www.FleetSmart.NRCan.gc.ca

Print Version-SDHT 06-FactSheet #3_2018-01-10

SDHT 06-FactSheet #3_2018-01-10


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Improve fuel efficiency with these facts from SmartDriver

The SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) training program helps heavy‑duty truck drivers improve their fuel efficiency by up to 35%. In addition to protecting personal income and industry competitiveness, SDHT benefits include reduced
greenhouse gas emissions, less vehicle wear and tear, and increased safety.

Check out the fact sheet

SDHT 04-FactSheet #1_2018-01-10

PDF Version for print or better viewing

SDHT 04-FactSheet #1_2018-01-10


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An Interactive Approach to Training Drivers to reduce idling and emissions using PERSENTECH’s Ottoview Technology

Persen Technologies Inc. (PERSENTECH), a leading innovator of data logging systems and solutions, is providing Ottoview Vehicle Data Loggers to the Trucking Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) to support their new SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) course that tracks and collects information relating to fuel use and CO2 emissions. The driver and instructor also receive real-time visual and audible feedback on speed, acceleration, fuel economy and emissions that help identify pre-and post-training improvements in fuel-saving practices that will also reduce CO2 emissions.

SDHT is a training program developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Office of Energy Efficiency to promote the fuel-efficient operation of heavy duty transport trucks. It provides drivers with the information and practical knowledge they need to achieve first-rate fuel-efficiency ufnder a wide range of driving conditions. PERSENTECH’s highly innovative VDL50 technology was adopted for this project given its ease of installation, portability, on-screen real-time feedback, and the summary reporting available by collecting various truck performance parameters. Crossroads Training Academy, located in Kingston Ontario, is one of the first truck training schools to use the Ottoview devices in the course.

PERSENTECH’s products and services are used in various transportation studies and vehicle-use surveys including Transport Canada’s Canadian Vehicle Use Study deployed nation-wide. The innovations include ease-of-installation, portability to move the device from vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-tracking and reporting solutions, smart phone applications, and street level map data for Location Based Services (LBS). The VDL50 multi-protocol logger in particular, can be used with both light and heavy-duty vehicles and provides visual and audible trip information including fuel-use and CO2 emissions.

Through the SmartDriver program, TTSAO envisions cooperation and joint efforts of all truck training schools and the trucking industry itself to set specific standards regarding trucking emissions and driver behavior. One of its main concerns is ensuring that all drivers entering the trucking field maintain a minimum level of knowledge and ability consistent not only with the needs of their employers, but also for the safety of the general public and environment.

For more information about TTSAO and to participate in its SDHT course, visit http://www.ttsao.com and http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/efficiency/transportation/commercial-vehicles/fleetsmart/training/smartdriver/16955
Professionals in the areas of Transportation Training and Transportation Research Studies interested in learning more about PERSENTECH are encouraged to visit our websites persentech.com – or – contact Frank Franczyk, President frank@persentech.com, 1.888.647.4564.


Persen Technologies Inc. (PERSENTECH)
Corporate General Office Number: +
Toll Free: 1.888.647.4564
www.persentech.com, www.ottotravelstudy.com

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