TTSAO Wraps Up 2018 Conference

The TTSAO (Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario) just TTSAO Conference 2018wrapped up their 3rd annual conference on March 1st of 2018. With a full house present TTSAO kicked off the conference with a bang. Their was a real difference in output and planning with this years conference and it was highly noticed. I have been to many conferences and the conference this year started off to a great start.

Day one began with the TTSAO Carrier Group and newly formed TTSAO Insurance Group holding town hall styled meetings with information on how they are planning to create community within the memberships of the TTSAO. Both meetings were well attended and the information covered was well received.

The next event was the Annual General Meeting and I have to say that I have been to many AGMs and very few have attendance where it was standing room only. The TTSAO has a lot of things going on for the future and apparently many wanted to hear how things would be progressing.

Once the meeting wrapped up it was time for the Conference Cocktail Party sponsored by Revolution Staffing. Held in the area with the sponsors the cocktail party offered beverages and food and a presentation from Kelly Henderson of the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council on Millennials and how to attract them to the industry.

Day two of the conference started out with the MTO presentation on M.E.L.T (Mandatory Entry Level Training) and an insurance panel focused on the myth of young people being allowed to drive at an early age and how to make sure anyone is qualified to operate a commercial vehicle. Guy Broderick of the Carrier’s Group was the moderator and host for the conference this year and did a great job.

TTSAO Conference 2018

Young people were front and centre at the conference as the next two presentations spoke to members of the PMTC Young Leaders Group and a student panel from drivers currently going through training programs. Both presentations offered a look at what young people are looking for in a career and how they are looking for those careers. These were very informative sessions that were of real interest to the audience.

After a great buffet lunch a few key people were recognized for their contribution to the industry and TTSAO membership. Claude Chaulk of Manitoulin Transport received the Industry Service Award for his years of dedication and service to the industry. Also receiving the Appreciation Award was Charlie Charalambous for his dedication and service to the TTSAO and their membership. Congratulations to both gentlemen.

TTSAO Conference 2018

The afternoon sessions wrapped up with a presentation on diversity with Jane Jazwary of Carrier’s Edge talking about women and culture in the workplace and how to make the workplace more appealing for the future. The final presentation was the five year outlook with Lou Smyrlis and a panel of industry executives discussing the future of the industry and where technology and regulations will be taking us over the next five years.

So the TTSAO wraps up this conference with a strong focus to the future. Their next event is the Industry Hiring Event happening on May 26th, 2018 in Mississauga and they have already set the date for their 4th Annual Conference happening on February 27-28th, 2019. Stay tuned to the TTSAO website for updates and information as they take truck training into the future.

To see more pictures form the 2018 conference click here!

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