Improve Your Career with Truck Shows

Improve Your Career with Truck Shows

May begins the flow of outdoor truck shows and recruiting events for the trucking industry. Every year the indoor shows launch in Spring and that is normally the kick off for the outdoor shows that fall into the Summer and Fall months of the year. From now until October you will see one or two shows every month filled with trucks, carriers, entertainment, and more.

Truck shows

Truck shows are so much fun and are great for the whole family. I have talked about it before how truck shows are a great way to get your family involved and help them understand the industry and life of a truck driver. Letting your family meet the people involved, sit in the equipment, and learn about the industry itself.

My kids still remember the truck shows and they haven’t gone for years. Now I am taking my grand kids so they can understand the world of transportation. It’s funny how trucking gets in your blood whether you drive or not. My Son has never driven a truck himself. He has been on the road with me, has worked for several companies in the moving industry and manufacturing but doesn’t have a licence to drive. The funny thing is whenever he has a job involving the transportation industry he excels at it. Not because of experience, but knowledge. He understands the terminology and the logistics of a driver picking up a load and delivering it to another destination. He’s heard the stories about my travels and seen the equipment that I have driven over time.

I was chatting with industry expert Guy Broderick about the upcoming TTSAO Hiring Event and he expressed the same sentiment. He said a parent will come to an event to learn about the industry and possibly gain employment with a carrier. Often they will bring family for an outing for the day. Guy has mentioned that many times he has heard stories where the person that came to get the job didn’t get one, but another family member ended up getting employment because they found a position of interest at the event. If you’re trying get your kids a job bring them along to the shows.

Want to learn more about the TTSAO event, check out the video below?

Truck shows are more than just shiny trucks. They’re about networking with the industry, learning about opportunities, and educating yourself for the future. You may not need a job now, but possibly may want to switch carriers in the future. You may not want to start a business in transportation today but might in five years. Always be gaining connections and improving your network. It will certainly come in handy. I have connections from past employers and shows that are still an important part of our business today, so keep growing your connections.

As mentioned before get out and see what this industry has to offer. The next event on the schedule is the TTSAO Hiring Event which is a one day event in Mississauga Ontario. This event will be a recruiting event offering opportunities with different carriers, job types, and information to help attendees get hired with some of the best companies in Ontario. You can learn more about the event by clicking the banner below. Hope to see you there.


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