Don’t End Your Career Before It Begins

As I read an article the other day on the Humboldt tragedy I was very sad. I was sad for a community that lost so many good people, I was sad for the driver that has not only lost his career but much of his future once he is sentenced, and I am sad for the transportation industry that I know with so many good hard working people in it that have been scarred again by a situation causing such grief.

We still haven’t heard the details of the horrible crash that killed 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, but after an extensive investigation the driver was charged with 29 charges ranging from dangerous driving causing death to dangerous driving causing bodily injury. If convicted of all charges this young driver will be in jail for many years. You can read the article at Truck News at

It is very sad to see a good community lose so many of their members and I am sad for the driver who’s life has changed for the future. All we have now are lessons to be learned from this tragedy so that it doesn’t happen again. We haven’t heard all the details but whatever the reason for the crash I am sure the driver didn’t mean to have this happen. Incidents like this can change a driver forever, it’s much like war vets with Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder where this driver will live with this tragedy his whole life.


When I was a young driver another driver that worked for one of our customers had his young son along with him for the summer and while the boy was opening the doors of the trailer he got caught between the truck and the dock and was killed. That driver never drove again.

A couple years ago a driver that had a stellar 40 year career was driving down the 401 when someone on the side of the road acting as though they were fixing a car stepped into the path of the passing truck killing themselves. The driver had no chance of prevention and was devastated ending his driving career.

In all of these incidents the drivers lived, but also died with the victims. There careers over no matter how experienced and their lives changed for the future. The memories will always be there of that night and although those affected may be able to get help to cope they will never truly be the same.


How do we combat these tragedies? In some cases we can’t do it alone as some factors are out of our hands, but as a new or experienced driver what you can do is to keep learning, keep alert, and pay attention to the task at hand. Shut off the distractions in the cab, focus on the road, and do proper trip planning keeping communications open. Don’t end what can be a great career because of inattention or trying to make a quick buck by pushing a mile. The decisions you make may last for a lifetime. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy.

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