Limousines are commercial vehicles too

Certainly by now you have heard of the horrific limousine accident that happened last week in New York State killing 20 people including all 18 people in the limousine and two pedestrians that were on location at the time of the incident. This incident happened at a dangerous intersection that recently was ruled off limits for trucks due to the dangerous nature of the roadways that came to a “T” stop off a steep hill. The people inside were all celebrating a birthday event and had hired the limo so they didn’t have to drive and would be safe. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims. You can read the actual story here if you missed it earlier. The crash is currently being investigated and details will come out as they are updated.

Often former truck and bus drivers will turn to limousine driving as they wind down their career from driving over the road. This is a great way to earn extra money and can be very lucrative with the right company. The limousine business offers a variety of ways to make money from a single vehicle owner to a large multi-vehicle operator and I often see driveways with five or six limousines parked of different sizes. If this looks lucrative to you then starting a limousine company may be the way to go to create a unique business. What you have to look out for is the fact that you are now starting your own carrier and will now be a commercial vehicle operator.

Depending on the size of the vehicle you may be starting your own bus company that will require commercial vehicle operator’s licence, commercial driver’s licence, insurance, and so on. Operating under those situations will require vehicle inspections, driver training, commercial operating procedures. A class “F” licence is required for ambulances and small limousines and depending on the size of the vehicle other licences like “C” for coach or even “B” licence may be required or suggested.

Coach Limousine

Just because a carrier is small in nature or looked at as outside of trucking it still requires the attention and detail of a larger operation. Vehicle inspections and driver training are extremely important as we investigate the horrific incident in New York State. We have yet to hear about the details as to whether the driver knew the road or the vehicle had an equipment failure. Either way the family of the people in that limousine will be grieving for a long time. Commercial driving needs to be taken seriously from the carrier and the driver, lives are at stake and it doesn’t matter how small or large the operation.


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