Marijuana’s Legal But Should You Do It?

There are many celebrating this morning as Cannabis becomes legal across Canada. Legalization has been a source of discussion at many events over the last couple of years leading up to this golden day and the idea of legalized drugs in the marketplace has revived many of the funny situations from the sixties and seventies. But should you do it?

Whether you smoke Marijuana or not is totally a personal choice and I’m not here to judge you. I smoked it back in the seventies and am still here to tell you about it and many people I know have smoked it at one time or another. In fact I know many people who use it medically and recreationally and found it has helped them both feel better and relax better because of it. Just because Marijuana is now legal it still may be a problem especially in the World of transportation. Safety is the centre of the controversy around the legalization of Marijuana in the workplace!

Man-smokingI have been to countless seminars and conferences around drugs in the workplace being with safety associations and other transportation boards and safety in the workplace is now the main focus. With alcohol things were a little more black and white when it came to impairment but Marijuana stays in the body longer and affects people differently and this is where the problem comes in. At what point is someone impaired? Of course workplaces have to protect themselves and since impairment can be dangerous before it is even reached at a legal level workplace policies are the way to try and police that.

You may have noticed an increase in restrictions in policies or notifications in your workplace and this may affect those of you looking for work in the transportation industry. Truck drivers crossing the border are required to be drug free, but drivers that stay in Canada have been in a grey area. Safety in the workplace will also affect those in other positions such as forklift operators, mechanics, and other operations. Many workplaces are putting blanket style policies in place to protect themselves from a safety and legal standpoint. So what does this mean to you?

As a truck driver you will always be under the eye of the safety program so it is suggested that if you work in any safety sensitive position Marijuana shouldn’t be on your menu. Make sure you know what the policy is at your workplace and the guidelines around use and testing. Many policies have been updated to allow for random testing in the workplace so understand your policy. If you do use Cannabis know what you take and the frequency of use to ensure you sure not impaired accidentally. If you are not employed and looking at the industry for future employment realize it may hurt your chances of employment for certain companies or positions. I will leave use to you and it may seem like the time to get on the bandwagon but it may be hurting you in the long run so beware.


About the Author

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