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For Immediate Release

From the Office of the TTSAO President
April 14, 2023

Trucking Schools Masquerading as TTSAO Certified Schools

Beware of truck training schools suggesting they are a member in good standing of the TTSAO!

It has been brought to our attention that there are school operators in Ontario who falsely claim to be members of the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario, but are not.

We have solid evidence of school certificates being emblazoned with the TTSAO logo, yet the school has no legal standing to claim they are a part of the Association.

This can further muddy the water by having carriers believe they are looking to hire a new driver who has successfully completed the MELT program from a reputable TTSAO school, when they haven’t.

When searching for a school to enroll in for truck training, always check to see if they are members of the TTSAO by searching:

As a carrier, you should also be verifying that a school that sends a graduation certificate that says TTSAO is, in fact, a member of the association.

For more information contact: Philip Fletcher, President TTSAO or call 866-475-9436


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