TTSAO Training Tip of the Week #2 – PTI Under the Hood

Your next inspection priority is to assess the vehicle from outside.

After examining the vehicle from approach and conducting the ‘under the hood’ inspection, it’s time to inspect the exterior components – starting with your lights.

Place the keys in the ignition and turn halfway to illuminate your lights. Put the lights on, activate the left turn signal, then proceed to the front of the vehicle. Look for the low beams to be on, where they are directed, and confirm that the left turn signal lights are indicating. Are the clearance lights on and are all lit? Walk to the rear and make certain that the rear lights are on, and the signal is active.

Return to the cab, switch to the right turn signal and activate the high beams. Now back to the front of the cab and observe the high beams are working, and the right turn signal is active.
Same procedure at the rear of the cab to check the lights.

Next tip will be about physical checks to the exterior.

Calling all Instructors and TTSAO Acreddited Schools

We invite you to submit your training tips to share in next week’s Training Tip of the Week. Your participation and offerings will truly benefit all our students, and we greatly appreciate your support. Thank you!


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