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The TTSAO continues its mandate to help bring the best trained truck drivers to the trucking industry.

Today we are announcing a joint initiative that will take another step down that road.  The TTSAO and Impirica are teaming up to launch ExceleRATE, the industry best in class “Road Test”.

ExceleRATE is a proactive driver risk evaluation designed to answer the question of driver fitness-for-duty. The program addresses the challenge of identifying impairment risk resulting from underlying medical conditions, which traditional training methods may not detect. This road test should be considered an essential part of a carriers hiring process.

How does ExceleRATE work?

ExceleRATE is made up of two assessments, Vitals Mobile (in office) and CORE (on road) which are performed utilizing the Impirica app on approved mobile tablets.

When done independently, Vitals Mobile and CORE provide insight into a driver’s fitness for duty based on their cognitive and functional abilities to drive.

When completed together, ExceleRATE provides a single, easily understood score that allows decision makers to pinpoint risk and proactively respond.

The “Over The Road” portion that tests a candidate to navigate road courses that can trigger problems and reveal potential areas of shortfall in knowledge or skills.  This is a true test of a driver’s ability to properly navigate road challenges and observations.
Truly Top of the Class.

Phil Fletcher – President TTSAO

Available at these TTSAO Schools Now

Alpine Truck Driver Training

Coming Soon to these TTSAO Schools

Crossroads Training Academy
Trukademy Canada Inc.

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About Impirica

Impirica provides decision-makers with the confidence that people are safe. With 30 years of industry experience, their suite of cognitive-based solutions leverages SAAS technology to determine impairment risk, regardless of the cause, ensuring safer roads, workplaces, and communities. Their flagship product, ExceleRATE, is tailored for commercial drivers and is a first-of-its-kind proactive risk assessment that facilitates timely driver-based decisions for pre-hire, return to work, and performance evaluations.  

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