Training Tip of the Week – Tip for making Left Hand Turns.

Let’s get back to basic tips on how to improve a driver/student’s Defensive Driving. This week we will discuss a tip for making Left Hand Turns.

First, we will look at making a left hand turn on a 4 lane, urban roadway. There is no separate left-hand lane, so the turn must be made from one of the 2 travel lanes in your same direction.

If you are moving through an intersection controlled by a traffic light enter the intersection to about one-third, if there is another large vehicle facing your direction, hold until it clears. The reason to wait, is you can’t be certain that another vehicle isn’t in the curb lane and driving through the intersection, as your view of that lane is partially blocked.

When that view is cleared, proceed only when you have a clear view that no oncoming traffic is moving toward the intersection and able to drive through while you turn.

It is important that you make a calculation that your turn, including beginning, will not impact the flow of traffic to any oncoming vehicles.

TTSAO has great instructors, so don’t be afraid to step up and offer one or more of your great tips, it’s how the industry gets better!

Calling all Instructors and TTSAO Acreddited Schools

We invite you to submit your training tips to share in next week’s Training Tip of the Week. Your participation and offerings will truly benefit all our students, and we greatly appreciate your support. Thank you!


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