President’s Report for March 2024

We have wrapped up the 2024 Conference, Taking a Quantum Leap Forward, and it was a resounding success. We sold out our sponsorships and our attendance this year, and had a fantastic group of presenters and speakers that made our day interesting and informative.

A number of new sponsors came forward, and as a result we have a sponsor roster that our schools can call upon for programs and
support that weren’t available previously.

The big announcement came at noon when the CVTA did their announcement that we are able to clone their Instructor
Certification program for Ontario. This is a major step in the right direction for TTSAO.

We had great presentations by CDL Powersuite and the OTA, and a terrific unveiling of a safety video for drivers to be proactive in
their on road stops.

We continue to work on getting our Air Brake program audited for the MTO and work is commencing on updating our course, for
technical and visual appearances.

We are continuing to work with the MTO and MCU to advocate for our schools and their students to iron out some of the wrinkles in
the delivery of the testing and oversight of each ministry.

The Carrier group is in the planning stages of putting together regular meetings for the companies’ drivers in terms of information and items of safety that can be backed up by the schools. We plan on the first one within the next 4 weeks.

We have had conversations with the Executive Director of the Driving Schools Assn of Nigeria, who missed the conference due to the death of his wife 2 weeks prior. He is now coming in November to learn the TTSAO methods and curriculum to take back to use at their schools.

The Heavy G program is moving along well with the test case almost wrapped up, with great acknowledgements as to its value.

Other companies are now lining up to be involved, and more than a few insurers have agreed to work with the TTSAO to bring more
drivers on board with coverage, and to support their customers taking this training. All in all, we have a large number of projects on the go and will work to bring more value to the members, while benefitting the industry with a better trained workforce.

Philip Fletcher, President TTSAO


Phil Fletcher


Phil has served for more than 5 years both on the TTSAO Board and as President. Phil is a Former Board member of the Private Motor Truck Council,
Currently on the Advisory Panel of the Smart Freight Center, U of T Board member of the Hamilton Transportation Club


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