TTSAO Training Tip – Perform a walk around / safety check every time you stop.

This weeks training tip is provided to us by Roland Winnan, the TTSAO 2023 Instructor of the year!

Here is Roland’s Safety Tip of the Week!

You are a transport truck driver. It is your responsibility to be safe on the road. Your safe driving directly impacts other motorists around you.

Here is an essential truck driver safety tip to keep you and others safe:

Perform a walk around / safety check every time you stop.

Whether you are stopping to fuel up, grab a coffee, or take a restroom break, it’s always a good habit to perform a walk around / safety check of your equipment after you have stopped for any amount of extended time.

It’s just a matter of taking a few minutes to check a few things and make sure your equipment is in proper working order.

Examples of this include:

  • Checking your hubs and tires.
  • Checking your lights.
  • Doing a walk about and checking for visual leaks or damages.
  • Making sure your load is still safely secured.
  • Always checking your trailer doors.
  • Making sure your landing gear is up and check your coupler / fifth wheel to ensure they have not been tampered with.

Working this safe practice into your routine enables you to keep you and others safe on the road.

Remember the most important cargo you will ever transport is sitting in the driver’s seat!

Calling all Instructors and TTSAO Acreddited Schools

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