New Driver Financing Options

New Driver Financing Options

Working Together

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO), in collaboration with industry partners and government organizations, are working together to provide information for new truck drivers to get access to funding for training. This effort aligns with the crucial need to address the truck driver shortage in the province and across Canada. TTSAO member schools play a pivotal role in this endeavor, offering top-tier training programs that not only equip new drivers with essential skills but also enhance their employability with leading carriers in the industry. This partnership and funding opportunity represent a significant step towards strengthening the trucking workforce, ensuring that new drivers receive the highest quality of training and excellent career prospects in a sector vital to the Canadian economy.

Trucking HR Canada is a national, non-profit organization, advancing modern HR solutions for the trucking and logistics workforce.

The New Driver Training Grant, funded by the Government of Canada and facilitated by Trucking HR Canada, is a significant initiative aimed at addressing the labor shortage in the trucking and logistics sector, thereby contributing to a strong and sustainable Canadian supply chain. The grant provides up to $10,000 for driver training and an additional up to $10,000 as a wage incentive to onboard newly trained drivers. This initiative is vital for enhancing the capabilities of the workforce and is open to both new hires and current employees seeking to upskill into driving roles.

Eligibility for the program is broad, encompassing drivers of all ages who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or refugees. They must be legally entitled to work as per provincial or territorial regulations and be employed by the company accessing the funding. The program’s effectiveness is monitored through periodic feedback from employers and participants, ensuring it meets its objectives of bolstering job placements in the industry.

The TTSAO has worked with Windmill Microlending for new and newer Canadians.

Windmill Microlending is  a national charity providing affordable loans to skilled newcomers, to help restart their careers in Canada and bridge the gap of income inequality & labor shortage in the country

Windmill Microlending is a charitable organization in Canada that provides low-interest loans to skilled immigrants and refugees. These loans assist them in covering costs related to obtaining Canadian accreditation, training, and career development. This service is particularly valuable for new drivers in the trucking industry, who often face financial barriers when seeking to establish their careers in Canada. Windmill’s initiative plays a crucial role in bridging the gap of income inequality and labor shortage, supporting the integration and success of skilled newcomers in the Canadian workforce.

The collaboration between TTSAO and Lendcare is focused on providing financial solutions for individuals seeking to enter the trucking industry through driver training. Lendcare, known for offering financing options across various sectors, extends its services to aspiring truck drivers, making training more accessible. This partnership addresses a critical need in the trucking industry – the shortage of qualified drivers – by making training financially attainable for a broader range of individuals.

Through this initiative, Lendcare offers tailored financing options that cover the costs of truck driver training. This support is crucial for many who might otherwise be unable to afford the necessary education and certification. The financing options are designed to be flexible and accommodating, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder the entry of skilled drivers into the workforce. This approach not only benefits the individuals seeking training but also contributes significantly to the trucking industry, which is in dire need of new talent.

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