A Membership in the TTSAO

A Membership in the TTSAO

Why its Important…

Driving Towards Perfection

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is committed to providing the trucking industry with the highest quality driver.

It’s a simple premise but one that the trucking industry has struggled with since it’s inception. The best, most experienced / best trained drivers get in or cause few accidents. Our goal is to provide the industry with the most highly trained drivers in the industry through TTSAO Accredited schools.

These drivers help contribute to lower CVOR scores with carriers and thereby lower insurance rates for the carriers and making our roads all safer to travel.

The collaboration between Schools, Carriers, Insurance and Industry Professionals in the TTSAO help shape the future of excellence in Truck Driver Training in Ontario.

Highly Sought After Drivers

Drivers that graduate from a TTSAO accredited school are highly sought after. Carriers have made the connection from quality driver training to a lower CVOR.

TTSAO Events

Our members make industry connections and in some cases life long friendships! These events are essential as the industry wrestles with important changes.

Member Accredited Schools

Stay above the noise in the industry as more and more schools pop up all the time. Let it be known that you are one of the best because you have been accepted in the TTSAO

The Future Looks Bright

TTSAO Membership Continues to Grow!


Accredited Schools in Ontario


TTSAO Member Carriers


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Industry Professionals / Companies that are TTSAO Associate Members

How Do I Become a TTSAO Accredited School?

Depending where you are in your journey will depend on which step you need to take. Registering with TTSAO will be the last step as you must be registered and approved through the Private Career Colleges Act before joining as an accredited school.

  • I Already Have a School
  • I am Currently Setting up a School
  • I Don’t Have a School but Have a Program for Training Centres

Get information on how to become TTSAO Member!

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