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About The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario is comprised of numerous Registered Private Vocational Schools and other organizations which specialize in truck driver training.

One of the TTSAO’s principle goals is ensuring that all drivers entering the field maintain a minimum level of knowledge and ability. These standards should be met for not only the needs of employers, but also with the safety of the general public in mind.

Due to the concerted efforts of a number of professional training organizations, the Ontario commercial trucking industry will soon see significant positive changes. The TTSAO envisions that through the co-operation and joint efforts of all ontario trucking schools involved and the industry itself, specific standards and educational programs can be set for drivers that will not only prove more realistic but much more effective than those currently being put into place by various government agencies.

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The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario is committed to providing the trucking industry with the highest quality driver training programs for entry-level individuals.

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This enhanced training earns and maintains public confidence by adhering to sound and ethical business practices.

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Through their daily actions, TTSAO members continually promote safety within the commercial trucking industry.

The TTSAO is committed to growing our membership to help provide Ontario with the best trained truck drivers on the road. Keeping our roads safe is our highest priority.

Phil Fletcher

President – TTSAO


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