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The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is a group of certified schools and members holding a certain level of training as a standard for the transportation industry. Over the years the TTSAO has grown in membership and is now recognized as a professional association within the transportation industry. The association has a membership that includes certified accredited schools, quality carriers, insurance partners, and industry associates. With a strong membership and recent changes to training regulations make being an accredited school with TTSAO an attractive group to belong too. The next question is how do you become part of the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario? Below is information to help you get started.

Start an Accredited School with TTSAO
Why You Should Choose A Career In Trucking

I Already Have a School

If you already have a school that meets the criteria and is registered with the Private Career Colleges then you can request an audit of your school and apply to be a member as a TTSAO Accredited School. Contact the TTSAO at to apply to the Association.

Below is a Pre-Qualification Standard (Checklist) for you to go through to ensure you have all the documents required for your school.

I am Currently Setting up a School

1 - The first step in becoming a School Member is ensuring you are approved as a Private Career College (PCC) by the Ministry Of Training, Colleges and Universities. Once you have your certification you can contact the TTSAO and apply for a Pre Qualification visit. The fee is $450.00  and once payment is confirmed a date is set for a visit by the TTSAO.

Download the Pre-Qualification Standard (Checklist) for you to go through to ensure you have all the documents required for your school.

2 - Register with Private Career Colleges

3 - Apply with TTSAO for Approval

About The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario

I Don’t Have a School but Have a Program for Training Centres

If you offer services for the educational market such as programming or other services then you would register as an affiliate to the career colleges.

Businesses that deal with career colleges on a regular basis may need to register their programs. You can do so by visiting

Depending where you are in your journey will depend on which step you need to take. Registering with TTSAO will be the last step as you must be registered and approved through the Private Career Colleges Act before joining as an accredited school.

You can download the Pre-Qualifications Standards to ensure you have covered all the information required to start an accredited school.

The Accredited School Membership is for truck training schools that are certified training facilities within Ontario Canada. To learn more about becoming a member of the Truck Training School Association of Ontario please contact us.

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