Your experience at a TTSAO Member School

Your experience at a TTSAO Member School

We want to hear about your experience at a TTSAO approved school. It is very important to us to maintain the highest quality of Truck Driver Training in Ontario, so your feedback is essential to us.

While we do hope that your experience with a TTSAO Accredited School was positive, we understand that not all are.

All of the TTSAO Truck Driver Training Accredited Schools are registered with the Province of Ontario and as such much follow the rules put into place by the MCU.

Student complaint procedure

Every career college must have a student complaint procedure to resolve complaints raised by a student. Under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 and its regulations, the Superintendent of Career Colleges can consider a student’s complaint only after:

  • the student has followed the college’s student complaint procedure
  • has complained directly to the college
  • is not satisfied with the outcome

If you request the Superintendent of Career Colleges to review your concern or complaint submit it using the ministry’s Program Approval and Registration Information System (PARIS.) At your first visit, you will be asked to create a student account.

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Sharing your Testimonial for Marketing
Please let us know if we can share you positive review on our website, newsletter, or annual conference. Please note that any negative reviews will be shared with the member school and may be included as part of an investigative process.
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Please let us know if you would like us to share your contact information with the TTSAO Approved School or keep your information private.
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