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Truck Training Schools of Ontario

May 6 2024

A Disturbing Trend in Truck Driver Training

In an informative article from Rita Smith of Road Warrior News, Smith discusses the top 7 ways to tell a Trucker paid for a “bad” school See the full article here

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Jan 11 2024

B.C. asks feds to reduce safety gaps following overpass crashes

The article from Truck News, written by Leo Barros and dated January 9, 2024, discusses British Columbia’s request to the federal government for measures to reduce safety gaps in the trucking industry. This request follows several incidents of commercial vehicles striking overpasses in the province. It highlights the specific case of Chohan Freight Forwarders, whose […]

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Jul 10 2023

Truck Driver Training for Women get 1.3 Million Investment from Ontario Government.

Ontario investing $1.3 million in Truck driver training for women, other underrepresented groups On June 27th, the Ontario government announced that it is investing $1.3 million to prepare 54 women, newcomers and others from underrepresented groups for in-demand careers in the trucking industry. See the whole article by Rita Smith on roadwarrior news

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