TTSAO Training Tip – Be Prepared to Stop Safely in the City

We are training our students and drivers to be prepared to stop safely in the city when the traffic light turns red. All of us know that the cautionary yellow means STOP, if you can do so safely. It does not mean speed up to get through the intersection before the light turns red, nor does it mean that you have to slam on the brakes to stop. Yellow is a warning that the light is about to turn red and be cautious with your approach.

This Training Tip helps promote that cautionary approach, and it is one to learn to use for safe application of the brakes when driving in the city.

Many urban centres use the countdown clock at a lighted intersection, which is a major indicator when to start slowing and applying the brakes. No matter what the countdown clock is set at, whether it is a large number or a single digit number when it starts, this Tip applies.

When approaching an intersection with traffic lights, make a mental note of how long the light has been green. When the green is becoming stale, the countdown clock will start and this will alert us to continue or stop.

When driving at the normal (legal) speed, use the clock to determine if you need to brake or continue through the intersection. If the clock is at ‘6’ and you are two or more truck and trailer lengths from the intersection, brake! This will allow you to slow and stop without applying an over exertion of braking. However, if you are less than two full lengths from the intersection at that time, continue to drive through the intersection, or execute your turn. There will not be ample time for you to stop smoothly, and you will still enter the intersection on a green light.

This will help your trainee to learn safe operation entering an intersection.

Remember our catchphrase for the year 2024: training, training, training.

Calling all Instructors and TTSAO Acreddited Schools

We invite you to submit your training tips to share in next week’s Training Tip of the Week. Your participation and offerings will truly benefit all our students, and we greatly appreciate your support. Thank you!


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