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Jan 19 2022

Don’t Ruin Your Life Because of Bad Decisions

The trucking industry is very much about decisions and your truck training is part of that decision making process. Good training, a good carrier, and strong supportive culture are all important to ensure you make the right decisions going down the road. Too many times we have seen the wrong decision turn into horrific crashes […]

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Oct 26 2021

When Upgrading Your Licence-Think of the Bigger Picture

Upgrading your licence is an important deal, in fact upgrading your education in anything is important and definitely recommended. That being said not all upgrades are of the same value and looking at the bigger picture may save you some time and money. There is a lot of funding available right now in a variety […]

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Oct 19 2021

Canada’s Driver Shortage-We Need You!

Canada is quietly creeping into a deep hole through the driver shortage that’s been looming for years over our heads. Britain is already going through it as the Army is called in to help deliver fuel to gas stations. They say this is a mix of not enough workers and the Brexit Immigration changes. The […]

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Oct 11 2021

Upgrading Your Licence Through Your Company

One way to solidify your job with your employer is to be as valuable to them as possible. That’s right when you look at the assets of a company the balance sheet may show trucks, office space, and computers as company assets but every employer will tell you that people are the their biggest asset. […]

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Aug 25 2021

Truck Driver Student to Business Owner Timeline

This question comes up all the time in class, “When should I buy a truck?” This is a very hard question to answer because it is based on a number of variables such as the experience of the person, determination for success, and mindset or business acumen. Not everyone should buy a truck or be […]

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Aug 16 2021

Don’t Be Afraid to Jump into Long Haul Trucking as a New Driver

It’s not uncommon for new students to feel intimidated by the world of trucking. Many times new students are thrust from unemployment to a thriving industry with regulations, a variety of processes, and a different lifestyle than what many are used to living. These options leave many students scared and intimidated to the point that […]

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