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May 16 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Rollover

A report of a driver’s death, caused by a rollover, brings forward the importance to understand what is required to avoid this problem.  Rollovers have become the number one mistake that will take a driver’s life!    This is a totally preventable situation. Knowledgeable drivers will never allow a mistake to occur when they know the […]

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May 9 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Fundamentals

While teaching your student/driver, you’ll need to show them how to correctly use brake lights and turn signals: the two of the most common methods of communicating what we are doing with our vehicles. The most direct way to instill the practice of proper communication, which we will call the “C” word, is to inform your student/driver when they […]

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May 2 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Driver Fatigue

This week’s Tip of the Week takes a different direction. When training, we need to speak to our students or drivers about fatigue. Fatigue has the negative effect of draining a person’s ability to be attentive, alert and responsive to road conditions. Many experienced drivers will tell you that they only need five to six hours of sleep while in the […]

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Apr 25 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Driver Distractibility

This Training Tip of the Week will take us down a different road, where we’ll talk about Driver Distractibility! This is an article on a small item that affects more drivers than you would think. The best method is to educate your students about different types of distractions (and how to avoid them). Have you ever driven your car with a […]

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Apr 18 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Be Prepared to Stop Safely in the City

We are training our students and drivers to be prepared to stop safely in the city when the traffic light turns red. All of us know that the cautionary yellow means STOP, if you can do so safely. It does not mean speed up to get through the intersection before the light turns red, nor does it mean […]

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Apr 11 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Perform a walk around / safety check every time you stop.

This weeks training tip is provided to us by Roland Winnan, the TTSAO 2023 Instructor of the year! Here is Roland’s Safety Tip of the Week! You are a transport truck driver. It is your responsibility to be safe on the road. Your safe driving directly impacts other motorists around you. Here is an essential […]

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