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Women in Trucking Industry

Mar 9 2022

Women Bring Social Awareness to Trucking

As we pass through International Women’s Day it is important go take a look at the changes women have brought to the forefront in transportation. We all know how well women do as drivers in the industry and many of them have become life long veterans and well respected in the industry. I find the […]

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Wheel Assembly

Mar 2 2022

Wheel Offs-Still an Industry Problem

They’re big, they roll fast, and they can kill people and cause destruction as they move along their path. They are called Wheels! Wheels separated from a vehicle gain the same speed as the vehicle they were on but there is no way of steering or stopping them until they hit something bigger than they […]

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FSC TTSAO Wheel Offs

Mar 2 2022

TTSAO and Fleet Safety Council Partner for Wheel Off Webinar – March 30th

The Fleet Safety Council and TTSAO have partnered to present an upcoming webinar on Wheel Offs with a special presentation from Bridgestone Tires. You can register for the webinar on March 30th through the link below. REGISTER HERE REGISTER HERE About the TTSAO Founded in 1993, the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is […]

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Truck Driver CB Radio Talk

Feb 23 2022

Ask for Advice-But Know The Advisor

As an instructor you often will stand in the front of the room and ask students if they have any questions only to be told, “No, everything is good.” Later on a coffee break all kinds of questions will come from the students. The same thing happens on the other side of the equation where […]

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Human Trafficking Trailer

Feb 15 2022

Trucking Students Can Help Combat Human Trafficking

You’re never too old to learn and that is very true. Things I know now if I had known those same things back when I was young I may have been able to help many more people than I did. You see us older drivers possibly may have seen human trafficking happening right under our […]

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Feb 2 2022

Women Should Not Be Afraid of Trucking

A friend wrote to me the other day about whether women can be truck drivers. She had a friend that asked her and even though she had some experience around trucks in her own life it was not something she really knew about so she asked another person she knew that was a driver. In […]

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