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Jul 26 2021

Tips for Starting Your Job Search for a Trucking Job as a New Driver

Are you in a truck driving school right now wondering where you will find a job when you finish your course? Many students are wondering about that fact and I often find students take a lazy daisy approach to finding a job. In fact not only do many take a wait and see attitude but […]

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Jul 19 2021

Truck Driver Training is an Investment

If you can’t back up here, you won’t be able to back up in New Jersey! Since Mandatory Entry Level Training came into effect a few years ago it was meant to make our roads safer by ensuring that the drivers on the road had a certain amount of training. Unfortunately people are always trying […]

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Jul 13 2021

Why Must I Take Entry Level Training to Become a Truck Driver?

Why must I take “Entry Level Training” (E.L.T.) to become a truck driver when I have someone who can teach me at home? That’s a question we get often at the Truck Training School Association of Ontario. Having a parent or other family member train you to get your licence was common practice in previous […]

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Foreign Workers

Jul 6 2021

Are You Creating Fraudulent Activity Without Even Knowing It?

School fraud comes in many different forms and often goes unnoticed if a school is small or not keeping close records. School fraud can come from funnelling money through a specific area without good records as to where the money went. Fraud can also come in the form of dummy invoices for expenses or supplies […]

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Jun 29 2021

Manual Transmissions-The Additional Question for Your School

As if there wasn’t enough questions to ask that school that you are looking at taking your training with you now have to ask about the type of trucks they have in the fleet. A new person investigating training may not even know or care about the trucks in a fleet for a training facility […]

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Jun 21 2021

Are You Attending the Right School: School Fraud in the Trucking Industry

Are you attending the right school? School fraud is a big problem in North America and with our global business environment and students trying to improve their lives from other countries there are a lot of people signing up for training all the time thinking it will give them a better future. Often it turns […]

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