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May 29 2023

TTSAO Training Tip of the Week – #1 Pre-trip routine

TTSAO Truck Driver Training Tip #1 – Pre-trip routine Under the Hood – the most important place to start. Remove the key from the ignition, unlatch the hood and check the fluids – starting in an area that’s closest to the driver’s door, then working your way around. As soon as all fluids are checked, […]

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Jan 3 2023

TTSAO Celebrates 30 Years as an Association

Welcome to 2023 and welcome to our 30th year as an organization. The TTSAO (Truck Training School Association of Ontario) includes a number of Accredited Schools that all perform at a premium level and meet certain criteria to ensure students are getting quality instruction and receiving the proper information to be successful in today’s transportation […]

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TTSAO 2022

Dec 28 2022

TTSAO Recaps 2022

If 2020-2021 was known as the Pandemic Years, 2022 for the TTSAO (Truck Training School Association of Ontario) has to be known as the Year of Change. Everything changed from conferences to Presidents and new members joined the team. The pandemic brought uncertainty to everything and that included in-person events. The TTSAO normally holds their […]

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National truck-school-logo

Dec 16 2022

Welcome National Truck Driving School to Family of TTSAO Accredited Schools

We would like to welcome National Truck Driving School to the list of Accredited Schools under the Truck Training school Association of Ontario. National Truck Driving School Limited is a company that provides classes and training you need to pass various classes of licenses. We have a team of experienced instructors who are aware of […]

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Truck Training Schools of Ontario

Dec 12 2022

TTSAO Conference Organizer Amrit Aujla Joins Delta Nu Alpha Board

Amrit Aujla one of the team members of the TTSAO Conference Organizers has now become a Board Member with the Delta Nu Alpha Network.

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Striving for Excellence in Training

Dec 9 2022

TTSAO Welcomes Compliancy Plus as New Associate Member

Please welcome new Associate Member Compliancy Plus to the TTSAO family. You can learn more about the company through the information below: Compliancy Plus Contact: Grant Conrad Email: Address: 166 Seeley Ave. Dundalk, ON N0C 1B0 Phone: 613-922-9401  Website The Management Cycle for CompliancyPlus was conceived by Grant Conrad in October 2016, who with 18 […]

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