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May 29 2023

An Important Industry Event – Second Annual Symposium for City Logistics for the Urban Economy

TTSAO President, Phil Fletcher, attended the Second Annual Symposium for City Logistics for the Urban Economy at the University of Toronto this month. The City Logistics for the Urban Economy (CLUE) symposium serves as a platform for showcasing the latest research in the field of urban freight logistics. This research is crucial in addressing the […]

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Jan 3 2023

TTSAO Celebrates 30 Years as an Association

Welcome to 2023 and welcome to our 30th year as an organization. The TTSAO (Truck Training School Association of Ontario) includes a number of Accredited Schools that all perform at a premium level and meet certain criteria to ensure students are getting quality instruction and receiving the proper information to be successful in today’s transportation […]

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TTSAO 2022

Dec 28 2022

TTSAO Recaps 2022

If 2020-2021 was known as the Pandemic Years, 2022 for the TTSAO (Truck Training School Association of Ontario) has to be known as the Year of Change. Everything changed from conferences to Presidents and new members joined the team. The pandemic brought uncertainty to everything and that included in-person events. The TTSAO normally holds their […]

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Happy Holidays

Dec 21 2022

Happy Holidays from the TTSAO

Here we are at the end of another year. It’s been a good year for the TTSAO and we will give you a complete rundown of the year in the next article. For now we at the TTSAO want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. Happy Hanukah to those that celebrate that special occasion. […]

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Commercial Trucking FAQ

Dec 16 2022

Tips for Handling Road Rage

This topic is taught in every defensive driving class. Instructors go over it again and again and for the most part people understand and take note. We have all had some type of road rage happen to us some more serious than others. You’ve made a gesture, honked the horn, or even gave them the […]

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Dec 9 2022

Social Media and the Truck Driver

Social media has become part of our lives whether for business or personal to stay in touch with family. It’s very hard to get through a day without checking your favourite social media platform. The problem with social media is that it becomes so much part of your day to day you forget you are […]

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