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Jul 20 2023

Impirica – Best in Class Truck Driver Road Training

The TTSAO continues its mandate to help bring the best trained truck drivers to the trucking industry. Today we are announcing a joint initiative that will take another step down that road.  The TTSAO and Impirica are teaming up to launch ExceleRATE, the industry best in class “Road Test”. ExceleRATE is a proactive driver risk […]

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Commercial Trucking FAQ

Dec 16 2022

Tips for Handling Road Rage

This topic is taught in every defensive driving class. Instructors go over it again and again and for the most part people understand and take note. We have all had some type of road rage happen to us some more serious than others. You’ve made a gesture, honked the horn, or even gave them the […]

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May 25 2022

Marijuana & Trucking- Could it Be Part of the Driver Shortage

Canada made Marijuana legal a few years ago after many States had gone the same route. It seemed like a logical choice to many Canadians however in the trucking industry it created some very grey areas for individuals that like to use the drug, but have a job that requires that they be drug free. […]

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Training Simulator

Mar 21 2022

The Right Upgrade Can Change Your Training Business

A few months ago I had written an article about upgrading your training business. Time are continually changing and keeping up with d times and technology can be a daunting experience. It can be expensive and without the right technology money can be wasted and the benefit not achieved. I have always been leery of […]

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Pipe Truck

Mar 16 2022

We Say We’re the Safest; But Are We?

I had an interesting conversation with a driver who has been on the road for ten years driving from Ontario to British Columbia on my radio show the other day. He echoed sentiments about the trucking industry that I have been hearing for a few years now regarding safety on the road that veteran drivers […]

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Wheel Assembly

Mar 2 2022

Wheel Offs-Still an Industry Problem

They’re big, they roll fast, and they can kill people and cause destruction as they move along their path. They are called Wheels! Wheels separated from a vehicle gain the same speed as the vehicle they were on but there is no way of steering or stopping them until they hit something bigger than they […]

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