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Oct 11 2021

Upgrading Your Licence Through Your Company

One way to solidify your job with your employer is to be as valuable to them as possible. That’s right when you look at the assets of a company the balance sheet may show trucks, office space, and computers as company assets but every employer will tell you that people are the their biggest asset. […]

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Aug 10 2021

Get the Most of Your Truck Training Course as a Student

When was the last time you were in school? Five years, ten, years, even more and here you are sitting in a classroom setting again for truck driver training of all things. You thought truck driver training meant driving around in big trucks? You will get to the trucks but there is a number of […]

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Striving for Excellence in Training

Jul 22 2021

PMTC and TTSAO disappointed with Ontario’s decision to delay implementation of the Manual Restriction

The Province of Ontario is currently the only jurisdiction in all of Canada and the United Statesthat allows someone to take their class A road test in an automatic or automated manualtransmission, and if passed, provide them with a fully unrestricted license. This allows them todrive a standard truck, with possibly as many as 18 […]

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Jul 19 2021

Truck Driver Training is an Investment

If you can’t back up here, you won’t be able to back up in New Jersey! Since Mandatory Entry Level Training came into effect a few years ago it was meant to make our roads safer by ensuring that the drivers on the road had a certain amount of training. Unfortunately people are always trying […]

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Jul 13 2021

Why Must I Take Entry Level Training to Become a Truck Driver?

Why must I take “Entry Level Training” (E.L.T.) to become a truck driver when I have someone who can teach me at home? That’s a question we get often at the Truck Training School Association of Ontario. Having a parent or other family member train you to get your licence was common practice in previous […]

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Jun 29 2021

Manual Transmissions-The Additional Question for Your School

As if there wasn’t enough questions to ask that school that you are looking at taking your training with you now have to ask about the type of trucks they have in the fleet. A new person investigating training may not even know or care about the trucks in a fleet for a training facility […]

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