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Sep 29 2022

Do you drive for work? Tips for prioritising your sleep

If you work in a role that requires you to drive for a living, it’s vital that you prioritise your sleep. Every year, accidents occur because drivers were tired at the wheel. Tiredness can impair driving performance as badly as alcohol and drugs. Here are some tips to ensure you are always bright and alert […]

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Sep 28 2022

Truck Drivers Realize Battle With Driver Inc.

It was a busy job fair not long ago in the Brampton Ontario area. The busiest I have seen since pre-pandemic days. Normally you go to the job fair around 10 am to crickets until the noon hour. Not this time I arrived at 10 am and the house was full. Record recruiters in the […]

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Truck inspections

Jul 22 2022

Which is the Best Training Course to Take for a New Driver

There are many course options for a new person to the industry. In fact there are as many course options as training facilities. So which is the best course for you? Do you take M.E.L.T. (Mandatory Entry Level Training) , do you take the certified 200 hour course? Do you take a bus course or […]

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Jul 14 2022

Help Students Make Sense of the Trucking Industry

Today’s trucking industry is very different from where it was ears ago. Regulations have changed, technology has changed, and the mentality of the driver has also changed. In addition you have more cars on the road and people more distracted than ever hurrying in their busy lives. We have parking problems, loading delays, and an […]

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Jun 21 2022

Watch Out for These Three Things When Choosing a Training Facility

In the past two years it has been reported that 200 schools have opened their doors due to funding options available and a demand for truck drivers in the industry. Some of those same schools have been charged with fraudulent activity which wastes time and money but also hurts the training industry at large. With […]

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