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May 10 2022

A Good Mentor Stays With You for Life

We are talking mentorship this month at the TTSAO and our last article we introduced that mentorship is a program that should happen fairly naturally to be effective. The right mentorship can be a game changer in your career and although it can be hard to put together it can stay with you for a […]

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Apr 28 2022

It’s Crazy How Much Money They Give Your for Training

As I was teaching a class the other day the topic switched to training and finding jobs. One student said, “It’s crazy how much money they give you for training!” His program allotted him $24,000 for his heavy equipment course and said they allow up to $28,000 within The Second Careers Program. “I was amazed […]

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Apr 13 2022

Do You Have a Strategy for Attending Events as a New Truck Driver

I was amazed as I attended another job fair in our local area. Working and talking with vendors it was apparent that many drivers in the room were as we say, “Kicking tires” as they walked around looking at tables asking if they had jobs available. It is very easy to find a job in […]

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Apr 4 2022

Choosing the Right Company for You!

We see it time and time again, students asking who should I go drive for once I pass my license test? Many instructors could rattle off names of trucking companies and what they do and just give it to them to choose from. Instructors are smarter than that however and know that choosing a company […]

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Mar 29 2022

Jobs are About Choices; Are your choices hurting your options?

There are many choices in the trucking industry for jobs. I was recently at the largest truck show in North America called the Mid America Truck Show. During the show I had the opportunity to interview many carriers that all had amazing options available to those seriously looking for new opportunities. So why are people […]

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Feb 2 2022

Women Should Not Be Afraid of Trucking

A friend wrote to me the other day about whether women can be truck drivers. She had a friend that asked her and even though she had some experience around trucks in her own life it was not something she really knew about so she asked another person she knew that was a driver. In […]

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