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Oct 19 2021

Canada’s Driver Shortage-We Need You!

Canada is quietly creeping into a deep hole through the driver shortage that’s been looming for years over our heads. Britain is already going through it as the Army is called in to help deliver fuel to gas stations. They say this is a mix of not enough workers and the Brexit Immigration changes. The […]

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Oct 5 2021

Learning from the Humboldt Truck Incident

The Humboldt truck / bus incident has come to the forefront recently due to a National Television Network doing a special edition story on the truck driver that killed 16 people and injured 13 others on a bus carrying a hockey team that crashed in a remote highway crossing. The driver is currently serving time […]

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Sep 21 2021

Two Years of Experience – The Benchmark to Truck Driver Freedom

“If I complete the truck driver training course do I have two years of experience?” We discuss this question and hopefully clarify this question for you. Two years experience is when the transportation world will open up to you. At the two year point the insurance industry feels you have enough experience and ease restrictions […]

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Sep 7 2021

Driver Appreciation Week for New Students

“What is Driver Appreciation Week?” asked the student in the back row. Truck Driver Appreciation Week or National Trucking Week as it’s known here in Canada are two weeks back to back in September each year that celebrate the truck driver and the people that work in transportation. As you may or may not know […]

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Jun 21 2021

Are You Attending the Right School: School Fraud in the Trucking Industry

Are you attending the right school? School fraud is a big problem in North America and with our global business environment and students trying to improve their lives from other countries there are a lot of people signing up for training all the time thinking it will give them a better future. Often it turns […]

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Jun 14 2021

What Will Certified Training Look Like for Trainers

Certified Training is on the forefront with a host of other regulations for the transportation industry. The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) along with a number of other organizations are working to come up with an effective certification process that will be recognized across the Country. This will allow truck driver trainers to […]

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