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truck driver in drivers cab

Dec 11 2019

Are You Creating Your career Opportunity?

Is it time to treat yourself to a gift? It’s amazing how many people go through life doing the same job or working in the same capacity and never think about moving up or changing their career environment. We often go through life doing the same job everyday hoping that someone will notice our hard […]

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Dec 4 2019

Should Transportation Start Policing Themselves

Trucking is a serious job! Forty tons of freight on a vehicle that is 75 feet long and bends in the middle is not something to be taken lightly. It takes skill, dedication, and training above other drivers on the road. If you add drugs and alcohol to the mix you are making a bomb […]

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Truck on highway

Nov 20 2019

Human Trafficking Hot Topic in Trucking

Human trafficking is a hot topic in trucking and the Government of Canada. We often feel that Canada is immune to issues we hear South of the Border but in reality Canada is a leader in cargo crime only behind California and is now becoming increasingly a problem with other crimes such as human trafficking. […]

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truck driver in drivers cab

Nov 14 2019

Starting Your Job Search in the Right Place

If you’re looking for a job opportunity you have to be in the right place to find the right job. I was recently reading a post from a young person looking for a job in the trucking industry and wondering where to find a carrier that would hire them and help with training. Now I […]

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Nov 6 2019

Are You a Mobile Support Equipment Operator

Over the years we’ve changed the face of trucking with new cultures and immigration programs, maybe it’s time we change the name. One thing trucking hasn’t improved in is respect. We have improved in technology, we have more training, we have more regulations, but we don’t seem to have any more respect. If you say […]

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Freightliner Inspiration Truck

Oct 30 2019

Over Regulating vs Over Promoting, What’s Best for our Industry?

In January 2020 the United States will be launching their drug and alcohol clearing house for commercial drivers that is suppose to offer transparency for truck drivers allowing employers to see the results of testing done on drivers in the industry. This apparently is to make our roads safer and solve the problem of drug […]

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