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Sep 29 2022

Do you drive for work? Tips for prioritising your sleep

If you work in a role that requires you to drive for a living, it’s vital that you prioritise your sleep. Every year, accidents occur because drivers were tired at the wheel. Tiredness can impair driving performance as badly as alcohol and drugs. Here are some tips to ensure you are always bright and alert […]

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Sep 28 2022

Truck Drivers Realize Battle With Driver Inc.

It was a busy job fair not long ago in the Brampton Ontario area. The busiest I have seen since pre-pandemic days. Normally you go to the job fair around 10 am to crickets until the noon hour. Not this time I arrived at 10 am and the house was full. Record recruiters in the […]

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PMTC Young Leaders Group

Jun 14 2022

Investing in Yourself Always Pays Off As a Student

The TTSAO (Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario) and the PMTC (Private Motor Truck Council of Canada) have always had a great relationship because both organizations believe in investing in the future and the ambition of young people. The PMTC has put together a Young Leaders Group to do just that and get the next […]

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May 25 2022

Marijuana & Trucking- Could it Be Part of the Driver Shortage

Canada made Marijuana legal a few years ago after many States had gone the same route. It seemed like a logical choice to many Canadians however in the trucking industry it created some very grey areas for individuals that like to use the drug, but have a job that requires that they be drug free. […]

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May 16 2022

Focus on the Benefits of Your Trucking Job

Have you ever been with a bunch of friends talking about your job and find that one person isn’t as excited as you are, they can quickly take the conversation from a fairly positive one to a negative one in a hurry. Before you know it everyone hates their job even if they work for […]

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