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May 11 2021

The Power of Retention in Trucking

Retention vs Recruiting; Which Comes First? It’s funny how we always say recruiting and retention when we talk about the hiring process, but is that putting our efforts into the wrong frame of mind? How many times have you heard people say, “What you say is what you think?” Your language that you use in […]

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truck driver in drivers cab

May 3 2021

Using the TTSAO Carrier Group to Get The Best Job for You!

It is amazing to see the way that people look for jobs these days. With all of the technology and information they still have a habit of asking a friend down the street or looking at a business that is on their block. I see it all the time in training classes with new drivers […]

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Feb 19 2020

TTSAO Talks Insurance Revelations at Conference

The 5th Annual TTSAO Conference is coming soon and as many know the transportation industry is going through some challenges with the insurance side of the industry. Carriers are having trouble getting insurance and those that have it have to work hard to stay within their insurance boundaries. Over the years there have been numerous […]

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red truck

Feb 12 2020

Training Schools Focus on Carrier Based Training

There are a number of things that differentiate one school over another such as instruction styles, courses available, longevity in the industry, and commitment to professionalism. The focus for any good school should be the student and their success after the course in the workplace for their chosen career path. Over the years I have […]

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foreign truck driver

Jan 15 2020

Filling Driver Demand With Foreign Workers

Our industry has been in a driver shortage for some time now and things don’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. I remember in the 90’s when the industry began to see drivers move into the industry and the mood of transportation began to change. Today the industry is primarily 70% foreign workers when […]

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TTSAO Hiring Event 2018

Dec 31 2019

Build Your Truck Training School Business for 2020

Happy New Year from the TTSAO. The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario ( TTSAO) would like to wish you a safe and successful new year and all the best for 2020. Speaking of 2020 the TTSAO is working hard to make our industry better from a training standpoint and we have a number of […]

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