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Man driving tractor

Oct 23 2019

Build Your Job Resume in Modules

Building a resume in modules may be the best way to keep it current without retyping it each time. If you’ve noticed the trend as technology gets better that resumes may soon be a thing of the past. We are seeing more applications that are allowing job candidates to upload their information into an app […]

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Oct 16 2019

Being Job Ready in 2019

What does being job ready mean in 2019 and 2020? Does it mean you have to be able to out work the person next to you? Does it mean you have to a university degree in your chosen field? Does it mean you have to have a technological background? What does job ready mean anymore? […]

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Pipe Truck

Oct 2 2019

Company vs Freight-Choosing a Carrier

Scrolling through a recent social media website on trucking I noticed a lot of questions from new drivers on whether to go work for a certain company based on the type of freight they haul. Sure drivers do choose carriers based on the type of freight they haul but is that the best way to […]

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Sep 12 2019

Philip Fletcher Presents on Carrier Based Training at TTSAO Conference

Philip Fletcher of Commercial Heavy Equipment Training will be co-presenting at the 5th Annual TTSAO Conference with Dave MacDonald of Revolution Staffing on Carrier Based Training during the Cocktail Party. Philip Fletcher won the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 4th annual conference. Join us at the conference

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TTSAO Conference Pictures 2019

Sep 5 2019

Females in the Trucking Industry are Featured at TTSAO 5th Annual Conference

Women in the Trucking Industry will be discussed at the TTSAO’s 5th Annual Conference in February 2020. Women play a vital role in our industry in all positions whether behind the wheel or behind the scenes in trucking. Join us for this important discussion and presentation at the conference. Get all the conference details here

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Man driving tractor

Aug 28 2019

Transportation Combines Multiple Industries Into One for Great Careers

The Transportation industry is not only the one of the largest industries in North America but also one of the most diverse. Why is this important? As someone moving into the industry it allows you many options for employment and a varied career. Let’s explore the the types of industries one would find within trucking […]

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