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Commercial Trucking FAQ

Dec 16 2022

Tips for Handling Road Rage

This topic is taught in every defensive driving class. Instructors go over it again and again and for the most part people understand and take note. We have all had some type of road rage happen to us some more serious than others. You’ve made a gesture, honked the horn, or even gave them the […]

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Dec 9 2022

Social Media and the Truck Driver

Social media has become part of our lives whether for business or personal to stay in touch with family. It’s very hard to get through a day without checking your favourite social media platform. The problem with social media is that it becomes so much part of your day to day you forget you are […]

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Nov 30 2022

Truck Driver Training – The Real Costs

What is the real cost of truck driver training? Is it really FREE! Social media is a funny thing, people include you in conversations that you didn’t start or reply to and drag you into the conversation. They do this so they can be noticed on your social pages and I often ignore commenting as […]

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Nov 23 2022

TTSAO Partners with DriverVerified to Help Students

When you are brand new in the industry you have a lot to prove to potential employers. You have to prove to the employer that you have the skills to drive the truck. You have to prove to the company’s insurance company that you are a safe individual. You also have to prove to your […]

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Online Store

Nov 17 2022

TTSAO Opens New Store for Promotional Products

TTSAO will be celebrating 30 years in the truck driver training business in 2023 and with that they are working on projects to keep up with the times and add more value to the membership. A number of initiatives have been announced in recent weeks and already acted upon such as a partnership with Sirius […]

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TTSAO 2022

Nov 10 2022

TTSAO Partners With Tenstreet to Help Student Qualifications

The Truck Training Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is working to build a strong foundation for students graduating from their member schools. They already believe in a strong foundation of training with many promoting at least 200 hours of training as the norm. With new President Philip Fletcher looking to improve on past initiatives he has […]

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