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Sep 11 2019

Celebrating Truck Drivers on Both Sides of the Border

The second week of September is Driver Appreciation Week in the United States celebrating all the things that truck drivers do to keep our store shelves stocked, building materials on route, and cars in our driveways. Canada celebrated Driver Appreciation Week the first week of September. The celebration weeks were set up to recognize the […]

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Sep 4 2019

PayBright Sponsors Instructor of the Year Award for 2019

The TTSAO started an award program for the Instructor of the Year at the 2019 Conference and is continuing it again at their 5th Annual Conference in 2020. The Recipient of the Award in 2019 was Joe Teixiera a 30 year veteran of the industry employed with Rosedale Transport. Read more about Joe receiving the […]

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Sep 4 2019

Celebrate All Transportation Professionals

In Canada it is currently “Driver Appreciation Week” which is a week where we celebrate truck drivers for the work that they do in getting products on our shelves or materials into the hands of builders. Canada celebrates the first week of September and the United States celebrates the second week of September. We call […]

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Aug 14 2019

Preparing for a Carrier Road Evaluation

“People just aren’t prepared! I get drivers who show up and think we will give them a safety vest, hammer, gloves, and other equipment which they should have with them. New candidates seem to think that we will supply that for them, but those are the basics of being prepared for a road test. You […]

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Truck Show

Aug 7 2019

Experience the Pride of Trucking through Summer Truck Shows

Summer is a great time to get a view of the trucking industry that not everyone may notice on the road in everyday situations. I almost feel as though there are two different versions of truck drivers going on when I attend events in the industry. There are the public’s view of road raged truckers […]

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