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TTSAO 2022

Aug 3 2022

Doug Graves Wins Instructor of the Year 2021

Another year, another instructor, another successful conference. The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) recently completed a late but successful 6th Annual Conference with awards and presentations that were top notch. One award which is a big honour for the recipient is the Instructor of the Year Award. The award has been in existence […]

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Jun 27 2022

Instructor of the Year Can Change Your Training Business

As we move closer to the annual conference for the TTSAO (Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario) the search for the Instructor of the Year continues and we patiently await who will be the next instructor to win the famous standing. There have been two instructors before that have won the award and both are […]

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PMTC Young Leaders Group

Jun 14 2022

Investing in Yourself Always Pays Off As a Student

The TTSAO (Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario) and the PMTC (Private Motor Truck Council of Canada) have always had a great relationship because both organizations believe in investing in the future and the ambition of young people. The PMTC has put together a Young Leaders Group to do just that and get the next […]

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Jun 2 2022

You Can’t Shortcut Proper Training

Training is there for a reason to ensure that the people driving beside us on the highway have the skills to handle their vehicle in a safe manner. When training is cut to push someone through faster it can damage the future for that person but go even further and make the roadway unsafe for […]

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May 16 2022

Focus on the Benefits of Your Trucking Job

Have you ever been with a bunch of friends talking about your job and find that one person isn’t as excited as you are, they can quickly take the conversation from a fairly positive one to a negative one in a hurry. Before you know it everyone hates their job even if they work for […]

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