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Women in transportation

Nov 27 2019

Women Leading Change in Trucking

Women can do it! That was the message at a recent event talking about leadership for women in the trucking industry. The event was a traveling road show by Trucking HR Canada and sponsored by TransCore Link Logistics to help women improve their careers by offering information on what successful women in the industry have […]

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Nov 6 2019

Are You a Mobile Support Equipment Operator

Over the years we’ve changed the face of trucking with new cultures and immigration programs, maybe it’s time we change the name. One thing trucking hasn’t improved in is respect. We have improved in technology, we have more training, we have more regulations, but we don’t seem to have any more respect. If you say […]

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Computer testing

Oct 16 2019

Being Job Ready in 2019

What does being job ready mean in 2019 and 2020? Does it mean you have to be able to out work the person next to you? Does it mean you have to a university degree in your chosen field? Does it mean you have to have a technological background? What does job ready mean anymore? […]

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Family at Thanksgiving dinner

Oct 9 2019

Be Thankful for Trucking at Thanksgiving

As we move into another Canadian Thanksgiving I always like to remind everyone that without trucking you would have an empty table. I have always said that trucking has terrible marketing campaigns and what many refer to as a dumping ground for people with a lack of education in the past is possibly one of […]

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Pipe Truck

Oct 2 2019

Company vs Freight-Choosing a Carrier

Scrolling through a recent social media website on trucking I noticed a lot of questions from new drivers on whether to go work for a certain company based on the type of freight they haul. Sure drivers do choose carriers based on the type of freight they haul but is that the best way to […]

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Sep 12 2019

Philip Fletcher Presents on Carrier Based Training at TTSAO Conference

Philip Fletcher of Commercial Heavy Equipment Training will be co-presenting at the 5th Annual TTSAO Conference with Dave MacDonald of Revolution Staffing on Carrier Based Training during the Cocktail Party. Philip Fletcher won the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 4th annual conference. Join us at the conference

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