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Sep 29 2022

Do you drive for work? Tips for prioritising your sleep

If you work in a role that requires you to drive for a living, it’s vital that you prioritise your sleep. Every year, accidents occur because drivers were tired at the wheel. Tiredness can impair driving performance as badly as alcohol and drugs. Here are some tips to ensure you are always bright and alert […]

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Sep 28 2022

Truck Drivers Realize Battle With Driver Inc.

It was a busy job fair not long ago in the Brampton Ontario area. The busiest I have seen since pre-pandemic days. Normally you go to the job fair around 10 am to crickets until the noon hour. Not this time I arrived at 10 am and the house was full. Record recruiters in the […]

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Sep 22 2022

Fatigue and the Wheel

Fatigue and driving unfortunately go hand in hand. Driving for long miles can get the best of us. Being tired on the road and driving trucks have been a problem for a long time. Some turn to drugs, caffeine, and more. Some good information was found by our TTSAO President from United Kingdom website that […]

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Sep 14 2022

Celebrating Support Staff at National Trucking Week

National Trucking Week is happening in the United States from September 12th-17th and happened in Canada from September 5th-11th. Many of us in the industry feel that two weeks isn’t long enough to celebrate the hard work done by the men and women in the trucking industry and tend to celebrate it all month long […]

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TAT Video

Aug 31 2022

Truckers Against Trafficking Sends Strong Message at TTSAO 2022

Human trafficking has been a growing problem for many years and is prevalent all across North America and around the World. Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) has saved hundreds of people from traffickers and is a leader in bringing awareness about trafficking to the trucking industry. Their goal is to train as many industries as possible […]

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State of the Industry

Aug 25 2022

Mike McCarron and Manan Gupta Talk State of the Industry at TTSAO Conference 2022

It was a lively discussion on one of the hottest topics in transportation for 2022. Mike McCarron addressed the audience at the recent TTSAO Conference with a presentation that really had no decisive action at the end. How-do we fix our industry? This is the question many are asking and hoped that McCarron could answer. […]

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