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Jun 8 2022

Summer is the Perfect Time to Freshen Up Your TTSAO School

We’ve come through the pandemic to a point and many things have changed in our industry and many others. The driver shortage seems worse and opportunity has risen for many schools due to funding openings to get into the training industry as drivers try to find other sources of income from driving over the road. […]

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Jun 2 2022

You Can’t Shortcut Proper Training

Training is there for a reason to ensure that the people driving beside us on the highway have the skills to handle their vehicle in a safe manner. When training is cut to push someone through faster it can damage the future for that person but go even further and make the roadway unsafe for […]

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Feb 8 2022

3 Branding Mistakes With Training Businesses

You’ve made the plunge and started a training facility. You have your courses registered and ready to go. You have your instructor, truck with your logo on it, and a flashy new business card. Now what? If you’re like most of us you expect the phone to ring off the hook, but nothing, crickets! If […]

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Jan 25 2022

Is it Time to Build a Social Media Presence for Your Training Facility

Covid has changed the way many of us do business. The days of showing up at meetings and hoping to give out a business card are in the past. In fact when I hand a business card to young people now they usually just laugh and say, “Do you still use those things?” The other […]

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Dec 6 2021

3 Keys to Designing a Program for a Training Facility

As we get older we start looking at ways to share our knowledge and keep income coming in at the same time. Some drivers start their own school, some drivers become instructors under someone else’s facility, and other design programs that can be taught or leased out to a facility. Where you are in your […]

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Nov 16 2021

Are Your Training Courses Keeping Up With the Times

Training-It could be the most important part of the equation to a successful career. It provides the foundation for a skill set that can last a lifetime. It provides knowledge that with the right attitude can be spread to others like wildfire. We can all agree that training is an important part of any career […]

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