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Feb 12 2020

Training Schools Focus on Carrier Based Training

There are a number of things that differentiate one school over another such as instruction styles, courses available, longevity in the industry, and commitment to professionalism. The focus for any good school should be the student and their success after the course in the workplace for their chosen career path. Over the years I have […]

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technology in transportation

Jan 8 2020

Is Your Training Centre Technologically Savy?

As we move into 2020 the world of transportation is changing. Big issues like insurance and driver qualifications are top of mind and the driver shortage increases in the distance. The transportation industry has generally been an industry that is behind the times in many ways due to the large expense of equipment and changing […]

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TTSAO Hiring Event 2018

Dec 31 2019

Build Your Truck Training School Business for 2020

Happy New Year from the TTSAO. The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario ( TTSAO) would like to wish you a safe and successful new year and all the best for 2020. Speaking of 2020 the TTSAO is working hard to make our industry better from a training standpoint and we have a number of […]

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Sep 25 2019

Certifying Your Training Facility With TTSAO

The Truck Training School Association of Ontario represents training providers and associated members offering training programs for the transportation industry. Although anyone can join the association schools registering as an accredited school must be certified. Many associations don’t require that their members be certified to be involved but the Truck Training School Association of Ontario […]

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Truck inspections

Sep 18 2019

3 Steps to Learning the Truck Inspection Process

Learning how to conduct a truck inspection can be a daunting task when you’re a new student in a truck training school. There are many parts to inspect on a truck or bus and missing just one area can result in fines and downtime for any driver. This is why the inspection process is so […]

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Jul 31 2019

Starting a Trucking School Includes More Than Just Buying a Truck

“I want to start a trucking school.” This is a statement heard recently at a truck show from a driver that was getting tired of the road and wanted to slow down in his career. He had some people interested in his local area and thought it may be a good way to continue his […]

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