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Sep 28 2021

Truck Driver to Training Facility; What’s Involved?

With the implementation of M.E.L.T. (Mandatory Entry Level Training) a lot of drivers have moved from truck driver or owner operator to truck driver trainer. They see an opportunity in the industry to move to a model of teaching others, staying closer to home, and hopefully having a full roster of students to help make […]

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Foreign Workers

Jul 6 2021

Are You Creating Fraudulent Activity Without Even Knowing It?

School fraud comes in many different forms and often goes unnoticed if a school is small or not keeping close records. School fraud can come from funnelling money through a specific area without good records as to where the money went. Fraud can also come in the form of dummy invoices for expenses or supplies […]

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Jun 21 2021

Are You Attending the Right School: School Fraud in the Trucking Industry

Are you attending the right school? School fraud is a big problem in North America and with our global business environment and students trying to improve their lives from other countries there are a lot of people signing up for training all the time thinking it will give them a better future. Often it turns […]

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red truck

Feb 12 2020

Training Schools Focus on Carrier Based Training

There are a number of things that differentiate one school over another such as instruction styles, courses available, longevity in the industry, and commitment to professionalism. The focus for any good school should be the student and their success after the course in the workplace for their chosen career path. Over the years I have […]

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technology in transportation

Jan 8 2020

Is Your Training Centre Technologically Savy?

As we move into 2020 the world of transportation is changing. Big issues like insurance and driver qualifications are top of mind and the driver shortage increases in the distance. The transportation industry has generally been an industry that is behind the times in many ways due to the large expense of equipment and changing […]

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TTSAO Hiring Event 2018

Dec 31 2019

Build Your Truck Training School Business for 2020

Happy New Year from the TTSAO. The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario ( TTSAO) would like to wish you a safe and successful new year and all the best for 2020. Speaking of 2020 the TTSAO is working hard to make our industry better from a training standpoint and we have a number of […]

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