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Feb 2 2022

Women Should Not Be Afraid of Trucking

A friend wrote to me the other day about whether women can be truck drivers. She had a friend that asked her and even though she had some experience around trucks in her own life it was not something she really knew about so she asked another person she knew that was a driver. In […]

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Jan 19 2022

Don’t Ruin Your Life Because of Bad Decisions

The trucking industry is very much about decisions and your truck training is part of that decision making process. Good training, a good carrier, and strong supportive culture are all important to ensure you make the right decisions going down the road. Too many times we have seen the wrong decision turn into horrific crashes […]

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Nov 22 2021

Supply Chain Looks to Trucking Students for Help

Unless you’ve been under a rock or are tuned out from the daily news the supply chain is in a critical state. Goods are sitting on ships out in the ocean waiting to be unloaded, trucking companies are sitting with empty trucks trying to find drivers to fill their seats, and the pandemic has caused […]

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Pipe Truck

Nov 9 2021

Don’t Get Caught Unpaid as a New Truck Driver

You’re new to the industry, you just got your licence through a training school and have started looking for an employer and because you are new feel you must take the first job offered to you. A company offers you a position with their company but tells you that you must first open your own […]

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Michael Zelek-Recruiter of the Year

Nov 2 2021

Recruiter of the Year Says Understand Drivers for Retention

Michael Zelek of Wellington Motor Freight won Recruiter of the Year at the recent National Recruiting and Retention Symposium and was asked what he does to keep a 90% retention rate for his fleet. His reply, “Understand your drivers on a personal level to keep them happy.” Easier said than done. Any trucking operation is […]

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young co-workers

Oct 19 2021

Canada’s Driver Shortage-We Need You!

Canada is quietly creeping into a deep hole through the driver shortage that’s been looming for years over our heads. Britain is already going through it as the Army is called in to help deliver fuel to gas stations. They say this is a mix of not enough workers and the Brexit Immigration changes. The […]

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