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Apr 11 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Perform a walk around / safety check every time you stop.

This weeks training tip is provided to us by Roland Winnan, the TTSAO 2023 Instructor of the year! Here is Roland’s Safety Tip of the Week! You are a transport truck driver. It is your responsibility to be safe on the road. Your safe driving directly impacts other motorists around you. Here is an essential […]

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Apr 4 2024

TTSAO Training Tip – Proper Procedures for Joining and Exiting a Major Highway

This is a challenge for any new driver and can present a problem for experienced drivers if they are not careful. On RampsTo join onto a major highway, you have to take a ramp on to the lane beside the main lanes of the highway. This lane is called the Acceleration Lane, which makes sense […]

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Nov 28 2023

TTSAO Training Tip – Fundamentals = Left-Hand Turn

This week’s Training Tip looks at practicing the “fundamentals.” Sports teams work on fundamentals every practice so that it becomes ingrained in the unconscious and cemented into muscle memory. How’s that for a sports analogy when dealing with driving Big Rigs? Today, we will look at the fundamental for making a left-hand turn. Going to basics, […]

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Nov 21 2023

TTSAO Training Tip – One move = One signal

Who said you don’t need math to drive a truck?! This week’s Tip is to make a simple math equation: One move = One signal. This is an equation that anyone can understand. If you are going to make more than one lane change, or a lane change to set up a turn at an […]

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Nov 14 2023

Training Tip of the Week – Predictive Behaviour

This week is a little more advanced in taking your student or driver to the next level. We are talking about Predictive Behaviour.When driving Over the Road it will become apparent that the other drivers around you will do sudden moves that will impair your ability to maintain safety. This is a crucial fact to […]

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Oct 12 2023

TTSAO Training Tip of the Week – Mirrors

Let’s continue with some basic tips on how to improve a driver/student’s Defensive Driving. This week we’ll talk about Mirrors! Clean mirrors and proper mirror adjustment is what it takes to know what and who is around you, and what you need to look out for. Let’s start by making sure your mirrors are clean. […]

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