TTSAO Training Tip of the Week – #1 Pre-trip routine

TTSAO Truck Driver Training Tip #1 – Pre-trip routine

Under the Hood – the most important place to start. Remove the key from the ignition, unlatch the hood and check the fluids – starting in an area that’s closest to the driver’s door, then working your way around. As soon as all fluids are checked, take a step back to verify that there are no fluid leaks in, around or under the block. Check that all attachments are solid and clean any soiled areas to confirm if there’s an active leak.

Next: check your fan belt tension to see that there is less than a half inch of movement when depressed. Ask yourself and confirm if the clamps are secured on the hoses to and from the rad, if the rad is unobstructed from debris so air flow is maximized, and that your compressor is properly connected.

Now go to the oil filters. Check to see if they free from running oil, that your fuel filter is clear of clogs and that there is build up within the acceptable range.

Are your brake chambers, struts and shocks in good working condition? Can you see your tires inside wall and out? Check for the ABCs (abrasions, bulges, cuts) in the rubber, pressure and tread depth. This can happen any day so always check.

Now return to the cab, start the ignition and conduct a hot check. With the engine running, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle in a new way – checking for leaks, unusual noises or spray.

If you have green lights all the way, you are ready to ride into #2 Defensive Driving coming next week!

This Weeks Tip is courtesy of Russel Parent, Driver / Trainer for Linde Canada

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