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Jul 6 2022

Stay On Top With the TTSAO Conference

The 6th Annual TTSAO Conference is just around the corner and you may still be wondering if you should attend? There are many reasons to attend any conference from networking with industry colleagues to learning new tools for your business, but keeping up to date on topics and changes with the industry I think are […]

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Jun 21 2022

Watch Out for These Three Things When Choosing a Training Facility

In the past two years it has been reported that 200 schools have opened their doors due to funding options available and a demand for truck drivers in the industry. Some of those same schools have been charged with fraudulent activity which wastes time and money but also hurts the training industry at large. With […]

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PMTC Young Leaders Group

Jun 14 2022

Investing in Yourself Always Pays Off As a Student

The TTSAO (Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario) and the PMTC (Private Motor Truck Council of Canada) have always had a great relationship because both organizations believe in investing in the future and the ambition of young people. The PMTC has put together a Young Leaders Group to do just that and get the next […]

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Jun 8 2022

Summer is the Perfect Time to Freshen Up Your TTSAO School

We’ve come through the pandemic to a point and many things have changed in our industry and many others. The driver shortage seems worse and opportunity has risen for many schools due to funding openings to get into the training industry as drivers try to find other sources of income from driving over the road. […]

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Jun 2 2022

You Can’t Shortcut Proper Training

Training is there for a reason to ensure that the people driving beside us on the highway have the skills to handle their vehicle in a safe manner. When training is cut to push someone through faster it can damage the future for that person but go even further and make the roadway unsafe for […]

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May 25 2022

Marijuana & Trucking- Could it Be Part of the Driver Shortage

Canada made Marijuana legal a few years ago after many States had gone the same route. It seemed like a logical choice to many Canadians however in the trucking industry it created some very grey areas for individuals that like to use the drug, but have a job that requires that they be drug free. […]

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