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Magic of Mentorship event

May 5 2022

Mentorship-Apply It Naturally

Before the pandemic mentorship was a hot topic in transportation. Carriers were creating mentorship programs and drivers were being paired up like a team sport. Then the pandemic hit and no one was allowed within six feet of another person and mentor programs seemed to fizzle out into nothing. As we ease out of the […]

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Michael Zelek-Recruiter of the Year

Nov 2 2021

Recruiter of the Year Says Understand Drivers for Retention

Michael Zelek of Wellington Motor Freight won Recruiter of the Year at the recent National Recruiting and Retention Symposium and was asked what he does to keep a 90% retention rate for his fleet. His reply, “Understand your drivers on a personal level to keep them happy.” Easier said than done. Any trucking operation is […]

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Computer testing

May 25 2021

Career Advancement the Key to Attracting New Truck Drivers

Recruiting and retention have been hot topics in the transportation industry for the last decade. We call it the driver shortage and there have been many arguments that say there is no driver shortage and other arguments that predict national disaster in the near future. There of course is the crowd that states autonomous vehicles […]

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foreign truck driver

Jan 15 2020

Filling Driver Demand With Foreign Workers

Our industry has been in a driver shortage for some time now and things don’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. I remember in the 90’s when the industry began to see drivers move into the industry and the mood of transportation began to change. Today the industry is primarily 70% foreign workers when […]

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truck driver in drivers cab

Dec 11 2019

Are You Creating Your career Opportunity?

Is it time to treat yourself to a gift? It’s amazing how many people go through life doing the same job or working in the same capacity and never think about moving up or changing their career environment. We often go through life doing the same job everyday hoping that someone will notice our hard […]

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