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Jan 12 2022

Vaccinations- One more spoke on the wheel

As we roll into one of the most important deadlines of trucking for 2022 this weekend with a deadline as truck drivers need to be vaccinated or will be forced to quarantine when returning to Canada. A similar mandate is expected for the U.S. a week later. With all of the issues already complicating the […]

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Nov 22 2021

Supply Chain Looks to Trucking Students for Help

Unless you’ve been under a rock or are tuned out from the daily news the supply chain is in a critical state. Goods are sitting on ships out in the ocean waiting to be unloaded, trucking companies are sitting with empty trucks trying to find drivers to fill their seats, and the pandemic has caused […]

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Pipe Truck

Nov 9 2021

Don’t Get Caught Unpaid as a New Truck Driver

You’re new to the industry, you just got your licence through a training school and have started looking for an employer and because you are new feel you must take the first job offered to you. A company offers you a position with their company but tells you that you must first open your own […]

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TTSAO Carrier Group Event

Nov 4 2021

TTSAO Carrier Group Holds Carrier Breakfast Meeting-November 24th, 2021

In-person meetings have begun again and the TTSAO Carrier Group are holding a meeting sponsored by TKT Fleet Technologies which will feature updates on ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) by Mike Millian and CVOR Ratings with Virginia McKimm of the Ministry of Transportation. The event will also include a complimentary breakfast and networking opportunities. Register before […]

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Michael Zelek-Recruiter of the Year

Nov 2 2021

Recruiter of the Year Says Understand Drivers for Retention

Michael Zelek of Wellington Motor Freight won Recruiter of the Year at the recent National Recruiting and Retention Symposium and was asked what he does to keep a 90% retention rate for his fleet. His reply, “Understand your drivers on a personal level to keep them happy.” Easier said than done. Any trucking operation is […]

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Aug 31 2021

Carrier Types – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

We recently put out an article on how to find the right carrier and one of our followers on Twitter asked if we could put out a list of things to look for in a carrier? We thought that was a great idea. Now a list could go on for pages and pages so we […]

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