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Jul 6 2021

Are You Creating Fraudulent Activity Without Even Knowing It?

School fraud comes in many different forms and often goes unnoticed if a school is small or not keeping close records. School fraud can come from funnelling money through a specific area without good records as to where the money went. Fraud can also come in the form of dummy invoices for expenses or supplies […]

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Jun 21 2021

Are You Attending the Right School: School Fraud in the Trucking Industry

Are you attending the right school? School fraud is a big problem in North America and with our global business environment and students trying to improve their lives from other countries there are a lot of people signing up for training all the time thinking it will give them a better future. Often it turns […]

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Feb 19 2020

TTSAO Talks Insurance Revelations at Conference

The 5th Annual TTSAO Conference is coming soon and as many know the transportation industry is going through some challenges with the insurance side of the industry. Carriers are having trouble getting insurance and those that have it have to work hard to stay within their insurance boundaries. Over the years there have been numerous […]

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TTSAO Conference 2018

Jan 29 2020

TTSAO Listens to Insurance Providers

Insurance providers and brokers in the transportation area are a valuable key to new drivers being employed by carriers. The carriers have to detail what a successful candidate should know when a course is completed so the insurance companies are directing the carriers. There have been many rumours about insurance providers preventing new truck drivers […]

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Jan 22 2020

A1 Transportation Academy Becomes Accredited School with TTSAO

A1 Transportaton Academy has become the latest accredited school to be registered with the TTSAO. Welcome A1 Transportation Academy to the TTSAO Membership. You can learn more about A1 at A1 Transportation Academy 2A-30 Topflight Drive Mississauga , ON, L5S 0A8 contact: Lakhvinder Singh Direct line: 647-973-3450 Office: 905-754-0578, 905-754-0579 Email: info@A1TA.Ca About […]

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TTSAO Hiring Event 2018

Jan 22 2020

Joining the Carrier Group at TTSAO

The Truck Training School Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is an association focused on the training industry in Ontario Canada helping to improve the level of professionalism in the industry and making our roads safer. Over the years several groups have evolved within the association to help focus truck driver training issues and solve some of […]

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